Six Feet Under - Episode 63 (the last one)

About: SIA - Breathe Me - Lyrics

Lyrics above - description here .   This is one of my favorite works of performance art - an HBO series. The music is hard to forget & recalls the visuals for me.  If you don't have the visuals to go with it you may not understand.

If I could only write or make music this powerful ! I think that artwork of this kind devoted to solving some of the World's problems 3474 gives us a chance! I don't think they will be solved by guns or talking. 


  1. six feet under
  2. sia
  3. breathe me


Mark de LA says
While it is slightly out of context here & makes no sense unless you were a fan of the program, youtube managed to have a copy of my favorite scene. The finale takes each of the characters who are still living and fast forwards through to their deaths so that you get a picture of what happens to them all.

Mark de LA says ... I hope it never dies the link above did.