Marketing Distinctions

At some time we should probably make a distinction between FastBlogIt and:
* Chat Rooms
* Blogs
* newsgroups
* forums
* wiki (although that is almost obvious)
* MSN or Yahoo messenger
* Notetaker, Log, & email broadcasting & email lists
* Yahoo groups
* Social Networks Services like, and, and
* Ebay Sticky Items using tags
* eCommerce redicolously easy buy buttons going into a standard cart

***** (OR NOT) *****
As you enlarge it with matching this almost becomes the equivalent of the "Theory of ALL" for the internet.

Of course one might extend the idea of TIVO for the mind to mimic early CyberMind notetaking

Is it strictly the Folksonomy of it all ?



  1. market


Seth says
perhaps if you would invite me into the Marketing group we could discuss this in private

Bluesky says
Could even turn it into "talk radio" if you up the bandwidth on podcasts ..

Bluesky says
too bad too many people have MindStream

Bluesky says
Of course there is always iMindStream & CyberMindStream

Bluesky says
can you make it private after you already posted it ?

Seth says

Seth says
just edit it and submit with the private box checked ... should work now

Seth says
i edited the item just briefly to add the other major classification that we are targeting

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