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What will be the over ALL dimensions of the FastBlogIt including outside edges etc? What will be the overall dimensions of the space needed for the working parts?


  1. mona lisa


Seth says
The dimensions of the working screen are not fixed. They vary with how the client has his window sized. If she clicks here left bookmarks or favorites in IE into her screen, then the space available will dramatically decrease.

Seth says
it is possible that we could use a technique similar to this and apply it to the body element. I had this working for the header, but withdrew it because it kept getting broken ... perhaps you remember seeing it.

Seth says
here are the pieces necessary sbbody-r.gif , sbbody-lgif , etc according to the CSS at the bottom of the page

Seth says
i would not try to implement the wole scheme but only the outside border and the bottom icon ... each of the major columns on the page want to be generated by CSS independantly and not burned into the body element. i could discuss this with you this afternoon if you like ... right now am working on a project for Denise.

Seth says
this discussion is About: FORM SAMPLE

unknown says
Winnie wont be available this afternoon as well! We can continue at another time :) Yes I was thinking that the top and bottom would be the fixed parts and the center would be the programming etc. If the size of the sides Left and Right vary in leingth then I am not sure how to make them gradient , as they would be pictures. I will study this and get back to you.

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