Does sombody got a tissue?

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... a really big one ??
my nose cry a lot
my my my


  1. snot
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Mark de LA says

That's going to take more than one tissue, probably several! laughing
Eh, those snot-nosed kids whadda they know?

Seth says
M 2006-05-08 06:20:44 3494
This is SNOT funny anymore 
What was funny, was what the kid said ... prolly something that a real kid actually said at some time. 

vida says
omg this is hilarious fuch did 1 baby make that or did it get help or sumthin ewwww hehehe lol kewl

lisa says
dude that is friken the shiznits if i ever did that i would like die... that just aint right if u know what im sayin?

lima says
OMG that is like so gross if u know what im if i ever did that i would never go out in public..ewwwwww

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