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Seth says
Sounds like a good idea ... fuel banks, like the food banks of the 70's ... though it might take moving at a higher energy level that just setting up a food bank.

Mark de LA says
Like the commodities market a commodity can move both UP and DOWN.  That's what drives the price of oil to us at the pump. If Iran becomes Irate  then the price at the pump will skyrocket.  If however that doesn't happen & everyone makes nice to eachother (sudden epiphanies anyone ?) & maybe Venesuela's Chavez suddenly pumps oil into the marketplace then the price of oil will go way down. At that point I'm not sure how the oil bank works there - nobody will use it because the price at the pump will be cheaper. There is also the question of scams in this area & accountablilty.  Like the early money banks based on gold - now it's just numbers manipulated in a certain way by the Federal Reserve - you have to believe in the people doing the accounting !

Mark de LA says
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