growing pains

As you may have noticed frequently our server responds slowly.  I'm working with our hosting service to fix the problem.  Here is what we have learned and the actions we have taken so  far ... listed here in the order of importance ... iow those that i currently deem to be the most important action items are on the top of the list.
  1. Apply indexes to all of the sql tables.
  2. Watch that we are not leaving pop3 processes around.
  3. We set a cache on the sql server in the file etc/my.cnf - previously there was no cache specified.  Currently i have set the cache to 16 meg with the line:  set-variable = query_buffer_size=16M
  4. last week the isp migrated the server to a new node


  1. system
  2. efficiency
  3. optimization
  4. slow response


Seth says
M 2006-05-15 16:50:22 3545
have you started indexing yet ? today was a sorta bad day around noon.
i added indexes for most of the arguments that appear in retrievals. 

Mark de LA says
I haven't looked, but does that affect the SQL ?

Seth says
M 2006-05-18 06:05:29 3545
I haven't looked, but does that affect the SQL ?

nope ... just apply the indexes from the control panel.  the sql engine is smart enough to know how to use them.  Does it seem a bit clippier?

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