A possibility is fulfilled by promises & requests .. & that as a matter of fact if you are a Martian looking at a leader I say that what would be there as a presence is Vision as a possibility of Being for Human Beings and unreasonable promises & requests as the~opening for the fulfillment or [ .. ] realization of that Vision coupled on the backside with compassion, whereby compassion I mean a profound sense of what people will need to bring forth in themselves to make good on the unreasonable promises & requests.
- Werner Erhard

When I was heavily into the seminar world I transcribed this piece on leadership from one of Werner's lectures I had on tape. I never met him. I will let this percolate for a while until untangling the Gordian Knot of it all.   BTW, for those who look Werner up in the link to Wikipedia the word est is also the Latin word for he, she, or it IS  - a zen kind of notion. I ran into the quote during triage of some old papers.

Quite a chunk full. LEC97 showed the process. Too bad it hasn't shown up in politics of today. It may be that the two are incompatible. It may be that absolute integrity is required & the leader-celebrity-TV personality style of politician we have these days can't muster integrity, eh? It may be that pandering for votes is incompatible with honoring thy word as thy self.


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Mark de LA says
M 2012-06-16 14:48:41 3615
Here is a good little essay on Honor thy Word as Thyself:
 ... When a person constitutes their very identity as the commitment "I honor my word as myself" the universe in ways both visible and unknown supplies all manner of assistance in allowing one's word to bring forth possibilities and opportunities for action which would not otherwise be possible.
Honoring your word as yourself creates a world of possibilities born of declaration, commitment and accountability. For those who live their life based on integrity, responsibility affords the freedom of never having to look beyond oneself or God for the quality of one's life. Responsibility at its essence is always honoring the declaration "I am cause in the matter concerning who I am being, right here right now."
& just for fun there is an as yet to be fleshed out group of myths associated with Integrity itself below:

The Ten Biggest Myths of Integrity

Myth #1: Integrity is an obsolete, old-fashioned concept.

Myth #2: Moral and ethical codes of conduct are only for religious fanatics.

Myth #3: Integrity is a not based on any universal principles, rather it depends on the whims of each person in their own situation.

Myth #4: Honoring your word as yourself puts unnecessary limitations on personal freedom.

Myth #5: Being true to your emotions and personal desires in any given moment is more empowering than honoring what you said you would do.

Myth #6: Freedom is being free to choose which commitments to keep and not to keep in any given moment depending on your feelings.

Myth #7: Its possible to build character without having to make and keep commitments.

Myth #8: Integrity is not about listening to and following your conscience.

Myth #9: In a world of greed and selfishness, its not necessary to get hung up on keeping your word.

Myth #10: Honest and decent people are doormats for everyone else to walk all over.

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