in persuit of gold

One thing the we are learning is that gold is not a color. To look gold it must have highlights and low lights. ... notice that this big G looks gold but none of the other homogenious swatches taken from various pieces of gold look gold.

Does this

  swatch look more like gold?

Interesting ... what we are finding is that the larger the visual context, the more something that is made of gold looks golden.  Am i over thinking this or what?  In any case i still do not have a technique that yields decent golden looking letters for 3589


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Seth says
Here is the souce of a gilded edge ...

and here is the result i ended up with after printing  ...

Seth says
the is a screen print of the edge from the pdf file

i think it still looks gilded there

don't you?

Seth says
here is how they look in photostyler ...
the left is from the pdf

the middle is from the original picture

the right is the original comverted to CYMK
which is what is required for color printing

You can see that on the screen the all look pretty much alike.

Seth says
M 2006-06-03 08:43:33 3625
M 2006-06-03 08:41:24 3625
It might be the difference between light & pigments. Pigments reflect. The only pigments I have seen which reflect like gold have gold (Au) in them ! Or sometimes brass (Cu+Sn+?).
Color separation is another consideration. How well does your picture separate the RGB components (or whatever applies to print ink).
Well yeah gold pigment would make it look nice ... not possible with full color print process .  We don't do color separations for full color printing any more ... just input CYMK graphics to adobe distiller and that outputs a pdf file which is the printers file format of choice ... it's nice that they finally decided to pretty much standardize on that.   

I might be able to make it look better by selecting a different printer driver in distiller ... i'm gonna ask my printer, Costco, today.  Any other suggestions and/or expertese are certainly appreciated.  I've seen 4 color process printing that does look golden ... so i know it can be done.  It's possible that the digital laser printer on which these prints were made is another source of error. 

Seth says
What's notable is that now the lettering that came in via Cool 3d now does look sufficiently golden.

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