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About: Windows Vista Beta Available on Bittorent

I guess it was ineviatable that we would want to start storing and passing around huge files.  I ran into this recently when i was trying to publish my walk in the woods.  Between the two parts you have almost 1 GB.  I wanted to use YouTube but they have a 100 MB limit.  I tried but that kept failing.  Finally i ended up using, which does not seem to have a limit.  They gave me a upload utility that could restart itself when the upload failed.  It took an afternoon, but it finally worked.  Their validation process was painless even though i had to wait about a day for it.   So, for long videos, is going to be my choice for now.

Bit torrent has been touted as a viable alternative.  I know my son, Jason, uses it to get his anime files.  If it is an idea who's time has come, then it would remove the necessity for my files to be approved by some entity.  Can bit torrents be used to store private files, like db backups?

We will see how this all pans out over time ...


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Mark de LA says
Yep, I like bit torrent. I used to take ~ 3 days to get the full distro for Linux with the normal ftp, when RedHat started with bit torrents it only took a couple hours. Distros were ~ 3 disks ~ 750 meg each.

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