CNN's Lew Dobbs extends the coin of a new phrase

About: - dobbs: president and senate allied with 'corporate supremacists' - jun 13, 2006

In his headline only.  His opinion is never talked about in the body of the article .  Is corporate supremacy a mantra that he wants passed around during the election season ? This article is about a survey of public opinion about illegal immigration. Notice that in the last part of the poll certain questions were asked of only half of those surveyed, why ? There is really no new news in this article at all. Nothing in the poll suprised me. Just what was corporate supremacy he never says. Watch for the demos to pick it up.
I just [googled: google corporate supremacy] and got only 643 entries.


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Mark de LA says
M 2006-06-14 08:19:14 3713
Apparently Lou Dobbs likes to bang the drum on this one . google corporate supremacist for more.

Mark de LA says
Note that the word "supremacist" is a red herring no matter what you surround it with.

Well before 1966 the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY predicted a play by the world power mongers to control all business, money, and consequently...people. Many scoffed, but they were right on the mark. They \"supremists\" are out of the closet, folks!!!!

Gerald says
Dear Lou; I am a faithful viewer and admire you but cannot say as much for your fellow newscasters and there jaded and unfair coverage of the democratic primaries. They constantly seem to take every occasion to demean Hillary Clinton who I think deserves far better than that. Infact all of my friends who are conservitives think that CNN sometimes looks like a supermarket tabloid. Please do not let this happen for the good of CNN and the many fans ofthe station. I would like to read your book but am retired and live on SS and a small pension and must wait for the paperback. My best to you, Gerald