Don't you just hate it when ...

... you loose a booger up there ?


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Mark de LA says
dn't yo mamma tech U not to pik your noz in publik ?

Mark de LA says
May need outside assistance sometimes: or Youtube here.

Mark de LA says
ibid: ...

If you catch your child with a finger up his nose, you probably discourage it. But could the “bad” childhood habit of picking your nose and eating it, actually be good for you?

A biochemist from the University of Saskatchewan has theorized that nasal mucus, or as it’s more commonly known, boogers, has a sugary taste that’s meant to entice you to want to eat it.

Doing this, he believes, may help introduce pathogens from your environment to your immune system, resulting in the building up of natural defenses.

Other experts believe this theory, which has yet to be tested, doesn’t necessarily hold water because you swallow nasal secretions every day, including while you sleep, even if you don’t eat your boogers.

Still, there's a tendency in our modern culture to be obsessive about cleanliness, especially in children, and it could be that scolding kids for this “dirty” habit may actually be counterproductive.


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