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Is Digg really better than Slashdot ?   See the item on slashdot not mattering,  Quality versus Quality.  Recently with the change in format I detect a small decrease in quality at Slashdot.


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  2. digg
  3. reddit


Seth says
I've been using a service by a startup (see aaron) and have started getting a good signal to noise.  Your mileage will vary ... but if you like digg and slashdot, check out reddit.  They are trying to implement an interesting Karma algoritym and  it looks like its starting to work.   I signed up .. then i posted something that apparently was deleted ... oh well, maybe it was because i don't have any good karma there.  

Mark de LA says
M 2006-06-26 12:21:41 3799
The interesting thing about Slashdot was that the moderation kept the discussions on topic & the topics relevant to the techie community. Similar to what the wizzard wants to do with proposals.

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