server crash

Server crashed again. Prolly both me and mark were accessing it at same time. I dont know if that is related to the crash.

Brought up by:
stopping mysql
starting mysql (error)
starting mysql (successful)
still no access
stopped apache
started apache
back up


testing says
i sure hope we dont have a situatin where this is gonna crash as soon as a little traffice comes

Mark de LA says
this is a bug for Spry to troubleshoot - there is nothing a programmer should be able to do to crash mysql except program an infinite loop

Mark de LA says
or perhaps a deadlock where one resource is locked out by 2 different processes

Mark de LA says
should look in the logs & see if there is anything to tell you a) that the server really did crash & b) why & c) which one was it - Apache or MySQL ?

Mark de LA says
Can't really go to phase 1 public if this is what the service is going to be like. Of course you should develop on a different partition or somewhere else.

Seth says
well i doubt that we can get sufficient traffic to see if we do have a prob without going to phase 1 public