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i had to type the ".jpg" on the end of this picture file ... gik !


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testing says
if you do a right click, view image, you get http://tinypic.com/awqqhj ... only way your browser knows that is an image is via the media type ... which means that the only way fastblogit knows is to actually blody read the friggin thing ... wracks havoc with the reliablity and the efficiency here. Now why couldnt they have kept media/types simply dependant on the file extension. TBL trying to be too bloody general.

unknown says
what a freakin geeky response to a cute picture !

Seth says
Well if you don't like it, dont read my blog, you anonymous cromagnum. Which brings up the question: Should a group have delete privledges on comments? I think so ... tag this item wish list.

Mark de LA says
Well, the suffux on the end of a file name does not necessarily correspond with the media type that is why it's a security issue. Some programs will not open just any file - it has to be the type appropriate to the program. If you rename it to what the program wants it may barf or not depending upon what it really was.

Mark de LA says
there is no requirement in Windows to have a suffix nor in Unix.

Seth says
Yes i know; however my point is that it did not need to be that way. Where would it have hurt had the media type been totally dependant on the file extension ? Give a specific example.

unknown says
It need not be that my pecker is only 12 inches long - would it have hurt to be another few inches ?

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