Hezbollah's Apocalypse Now

Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, who wrote "Hizbu'llah: Politics and Religion" and teaches at the Lebanese American University in Beirut tells us a chilling story.
source: Amal Saad-Ghorayeb

I'm sure that Hezbollah had envisaged, though perhaps not expected, a response of this kind. By provoking its southern neighbor, Hezbollah knew it would present Israel with a ghastly choice. Hezbollah is a popular social movement, and it is well aware that it can be destroyed only if the Israeli army is prepared to commit mass murder, genocide, ethnic cleansing -- use whatever unpalatable term you will -- against the entire Shiite community.

Israel won't win without wiping out a religious group. However angry the Israelis are, there must be many who won't be able to stomach that possibility, with its hideous historic implications. ...
Leaving Israel to significantly weaken Hezbollah's military infrastructure would have equally perilous consequences. If there is anything more dangerous than a strong Hezbollah, it is a weak Hezbollah. One can only imagine what would happen if the organization were left bereft of leadership, clinging to its remaining weapons and operating underground, while the Shiite community is seething with resentment at Israel, the United States and the government that it perceives as its betrayer. As one Hezbollah member said, "All hell would be let loose."
This entire article is well worth a careful read. 


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Mark de LA says
It is not for nothing that the terrorists are sometimes called extremists. Such apocalyptic stuff has been coming out of the mouth of Ahmadinejad & previous ayatollahs for a long time.  Here is another apocalypse sounding article from the TimesOnline. I ask the question once again - What do you do with Evil? What can you do with insanity at as large a scale as the Middle East? My answer is isolate it from the rest of the sane & civilized community of human beings on this planet!

Seth says
M 2006-07-23 07:33:33 3993
This one goes right along with the myth that you make more terrorists by killing them.
I have no idea what "this" refers to.  But Israel's bomming of Lebanon to "kill terrorists" and US actions in Iraq has had the following effect ...
source: Spangler: Fight a democracy, kill the people
At least 200,000, and perhaps twice that number of refugees, have descended on Syria, joining half a million displaced Iraqis and perhaps 300,000 Palestinian refugees. Refugee streams clog the few undamaged routes between Syria and Lebanon. Evidently Syria fears destabilization; Information Minister Mohsen Bilal linked his July 23 threat of military action against Israel to the "evacuation" of Lebanon. He told the Spanish daily ABC
Are those refugees not a breeding ground for terrorism ?  Is that a myth?

Seth says
Btw, don't go by my evaluation of this article ... read what others have said about it here and here

Mark de LA says
seth 2006-07-24 09:20:22 3993
Btw, don't go by my evaluation of this article ... read what others have said about it here and here
Hezbolla is a religious group, eh? That's why they have guns, fire rockets indescriminately into Israel & have been documented to have committed 200 acts of terrorism. Who is in la la land ?
   Basically the Hezbollah flag identifies it as propaganda and the terrorism identifies Hezbollah as terrorist!

Seth says
M 2006-07-24 08:21:11 3993
seth 2006-07-24 08:07:28 3993
I have no idea what "this" refers to.  
Are those refugees not a breeding ground for terrorism ?  Is that a myth?
    This obviously refers to your article & it's content of terrorist propaganda headlined by the Hezbollah flag. The aim of terrorism is to spread & breed fear.
Not so very obviously as i spent already half an hour trying to grok what you were refering to.  You see i did not imagine that you had assumed that the article "Hezbollah's Apocalypse Now" was terrorist propoganda. In fact i still do not see any of that there.  It sounds to me like straight forward analysis by a person who is close enough to the situation to be informative.  Where specific-fucking-ally in that article do you find any "terrorist propaganda"? 
The refugees might just as well be a breeding ground for self-determination & a government that is strong & represents them all. 
Wow are you in LaLa land.  Get real !

kansieo says
Don't like it? Burn it! :D


Mark de LA says
The link works better here thanks!
kansieo 2006-07-28 14:46:53 3993
Don't like it? Burn it! :D


Seth says
I like this one better

Mark de LA says
Well, we might as well throw in this one and also this one as well as this one

Seth says
Hey i got a good idea  ... why don't we burn them all ??

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