Al Qaeda No. 2 Calls for Muslims to Start Holy War

Ever get in a place in a relation where you know that there is nothing that you can say to the other person that will make it right.  After reading what Ayman al-Zawahiri just said i got that feeling.  Only its not a person to person relation ... it's between Muslims and the West.  It's like the bad end of the Muslim World has aligned itself with the bad end of the Western World and nothing can be said or done to make it right.  Last night i watched syriana which is about as close as i ever want to come to seeing the bad end of the West.   Al-Zawahiri speaks eloquently for the bad end of the Muslim World ... he's matched on the other end with Ann Coulter who last night talked of turning the Middle East into a parking lot on Donny Deutsch's the big idea.   I don't know what to do ... i don't know what to say ...  i just feel like crying.


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Mark de LA says
Sorry, Dude - everything I said is true.  Maybe YOUR hate is showing.  Those nice words you said to me on the IRC belie your false tears.  Maybe somebody should send an emmisary to your house & verify that you are not a hostage - see the meaning of the Stockholm syndrome.  Those are not very nice words to come out of an anti-War, pacifist! They sound like war to me.
My stand on war has been for many years the following:
I do not like war.  I hate war. I do not want to fight. But, if you choose to fight me or attempt to harm me or my family in any way I will waste my last & dying breath in killing you in any way I can & I will succeed!
(PS. don't take that personally, Seth - it's not about you.)
I probably project that in my comments.  Someday I hope that war will not be necessary - hence my flower power meme. Till then ....

Seth says
M 2006-07-27 09:42:10 4021
Sorry, Dude - everything I said is true.  
It's not about being true.  When you have a fight with your wife is it about who is telling the truth.  Does that have anything to do with it.   And, btw, there is nothing "true" about responding hatefully to hate comming in your direction.  That's a catgagory error.  This node, were you to have understood it at all, is not about arguing who is right .... the West or al-Zawahiri.  So please don't use this node for that kind of thing.  Try to understand what the node is about.  My initial response to you is hate-on-hate, just like your original response to this node was.  But i will not allow this node to be used for more hate-on-hate.  This is an emotional node ... but not one of hate.  Nor will i argue about it with you.  This is pure emotion ... nothing rational here at all ... nothing true here at all ... just an experssion of how i feel about the current world situation ... how it is like people arguing ... how it feels to be powerless to talk one's way out of the perdicament.   I seem to remember some times when you and i were there. 

Do you understand now?

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