Don't Glorify War !

source: Supporting soldiers/glorifying war
While showing us the lives of the footsoldiers caught up in our war machine is admirable, the media barrage risks going beyond storytelling to glorifying war as a way to solve problems. Commentators seem hell-bent on reiterating the government line that the solders in Iraq are saving us from having to fight terrorism here, though the lack of attacks on our soil in the intervening years since 9/11 may instead be evidence that al Qaeda is not the international juggernaut we once supposed.
There is not just a little bit of this in Pax Vobiscum.  Glorifying war is a stratagy of warmongers and war profiteers to win hearts and minds and make the waging of a war  pallatable to a populus.  Me, i want no part of it. 

War sucks on so many levels.  It is necessary for self defense, but if everybody used it just for that, we would have no war!


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