Dogs of Media, Dogs of War, Dogs of an Election !

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   Hilary's media circus yesterday, wars & wars everywhere; bad news wherever it can happen forcasts that an election is coming.  Don't expect the bad news to go away until after the election in November or for 2 years depending upon the outcome.
   I have often wondered whether the wars in Iraq, Afganistan & elsewhere would still be going on if the left & their willing accomplaces in the media had stayed behind the president as they jumped quickly to do after 9-11.  I suspect that the war would be over now.  There is nothing like a division in the west that emboldens the terrorists. After all, that is what the terrorists do: blow things up to get headlines.  How many bodies are the media responsible for? Shame on the media. Shame on the lefties who are now out of power. In an unsatiable desire to regain their lost power back they have prolonged the war on terror for their own political gains & forced the soldiers to remain in harm's way a lot longer - some losing their lives. They seem to say & think that bad news for America is good news for them (Democrats, lefties, terrorists etc.)

   The media has no moral compass!

   The media will publish anything - classified intelligence, bad news all the time, anti-war propaganda, terrorist propaganda & best of all (in their minds) America loosing!  It was not always so.  In WW-II they were solidly American & the war ended with a bang. If we had WW-II going on today with the same protagonists we would end up speaking German or Japanese & maybe there would be no Jews anywhere!
   ... & there would be no free press!

   Yes, the election has a dog in this war & it is copulating with the dog of the media!


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Mark de LA says
Read this if you need your moral spine straightened

Seth says
Interesting article. Btw, i would be the first to condem the acts of Muslim fundamentalists and have done so in my blog.  Nor would i minimize their danger to civilization on this planet.  But what Hanson does not address in his exuberance of moral indignation is a path out of this asymmetrical war.  Instead he paints "empathy for the Palestinians" as moral weakness, notwithstanding that it just happens to be the path to a lasting peace. 

Mark de LA says
Rember all those nice things like the Oslo accords & the current so-called 2 state roadmap to peace? Remember that Israel withdrew from Gaza & Lebanon several years ago ?  What was the result. More terrorism & more rockets.  The current prime minister of Israel even ran on the plan to withdraw from the West Bank.  What are the Israelis supposed to do - invite the terrorists into their homes for a touchy-feely encounter group session ? Empathy? My !

Seth says
I don't know what went wrong with the roadmap.  That needs to be studied.  The thing to understand, is that most Palestineans are good law abiding citizens.  They are good people.  They are not all terrorists.  You should contact some.  Talk to them.   Don't exclude them from consideration out of hand.  Don't dehunamize them.  It is well known that to wage a war you must first  dehumanizing the enemy.  Read this which was uncovered with a simple googel.   "Empathy for the Palestinians" is where you start

Mark de LA says
The Palestinians elected Hamas to their parliament. Hamas refuses to get rid of the "plank in their platform" to destroy Israel. Hamas started a war in Gaza.  The Palestinians deserve what they get. !

Mark de LA says
Chronicles of the dogs of the media lies: uri

Mark de LA says
M 2006-08-21 10:38:26 4086
Dead child dug up for new pictures?

Mark de LA says
Seems as if Iran manages to ratchet up the pressure more with each spew of Ahmadinejad this one seems close - Is there any more left?  Does it have anything to do with the election? ...

It would be amusing to go back over the years & detail each version of incendiary language on both sides & notice what diplomatic language is also used to balance it out.

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