Test and QA

This is a focus point to discuss bugs and bug fixes and to aggregate:

** FAQs
** Requests and Requirements
** Bug fix notifications
** Bugs & how to reproduce
** Miscellaneous comments on the Quality of the Product.


Seth says
I think some of those are best handeled by tagrooms rather than groups. There is a group /faq now, which i started this morning ... and there is a tagroom /tags/faq which got started the first time somebody tagged a thing faq. One wonders what is the best way to handel that. Like for example "bugs" ... do we want to have peopole log onto "Test and QA", just to report a bug ? So that one is, imho, best handeled by a tagroom. How this mithght organize itself (or not) is going to be interesting. Personally i'm thinking that relying on tags is the preferable way, unless one wants items to be secret to a specific set of people. Otherwise it might be best to just post in your own personal group and just make sure you tag your items appropriately. After using this for some time i am finding it very tedious to log on and off of groups all the time ... and only think that is necessary when privacy is of paramont consearn. .... What do you all think ?

Seth says
In other words, you create a group for some specific social reason so that you can control who is in the group and who is out of the group. To organize information, you create a tagroom.

Mark de LA says
Yes, you have a point. Of course you could a GROUP that does not require a password.

Seth says
Well the system logic works such that you cannot sign on to a group without entering a password. You can create a group without a password, but then it is anonymous and you cannot log on to it if you ever loose your cookie ... like for instance Winnie did ...now she is posting in an anonymous gorup. But it is easy to create a group with "no secret password" ... just tell people that the password is the same as the group name. That could be our convention for open groups. But don't forget, you will still need to logon to the group to post to it ... there is no getting around that login extra step that prevents people from rapid communication. Tagging is still preferable. Perhaps later when there are many many people here, we will change our minds.

Seth says
Actually, though, now that i think about it, there is need for a tag to control things ... i have been kindof using the tag fastblogit to do that ... its like i want to see all the items you have listed above in on controle tagroom . These then become my action items. Perhaps anyone can put something on a list of wishes, but then those in the inner group here can designate that wish as a real "fastblogit wish" ... same with bugs ... same with faq and the other things on the list. We need to come up with a good tagging system that covers this. Perhaps there is such a thing as a prividledged tag which only those of a designated group can affix to an item.