is this kewl or what


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Seth says
don't u just love it how her eyes follow your mouse ... now to get that kind of attention from a real girl ... ahh now there's the rubb

Seth says
for once a banner add worth clicking on .... i might even buy it

unknown says
the functionality has been around for years without the cartoon & is free. Ananova used to say the news for you.

Seth says
to herr her u got to move your mouse over the banner

Mark de LA says
Every time I bring up FastBlogIt this thing goes off (;-(

Seth says

compare with “Do you see the illusion ?” … you may see the connection

but, comes on, does it go 3^3 beyond it null

tag #BozMatch

Mark de LA says
3^4 =81 

Seth says
3^3 = 27 … 81 is even more trancendence … but it is not here.

tag #WolframAlpha

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