Thought I would state the question in a more positive way. I think that the basic idea is there. I would clean up here & there & "productize" the Help and FAQ area. I would seed it with some items so that GROUPS are obvious and set the tone so that it doesn't turn into a junk yard & is interesting to read. A few well placed items on Folksonomy would help. It is essentially a fast & easily accessible community media blog - try to keep that focus on the initial release. Additional features can be released in the days & weeks that follow. My only concern is the server stability. That could kill it if it starts to fail early. If you become highly successful out of the gate - there will be imitators - don't worry you have a good architecture & design & plenty of features in the back room. It would be nice to preserve the database between the initial release and any future releases. People won't want to devote much energy to the blog if the living stream gets flushed too often. On the other hand IMHO you still need to issue a warning that the release is an alpha and the contents may disappear.


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Mark de LA says
Was there an item in the header for the webmaster to communicate to the users at one time - it would be a good idea.

Seth says
alternatively i could publicize a tag for the same purpuse

unknown says
It would be read without searching for it unless you FAQ the dot (.WEBMASTER) tag or something

Seth says
How about using "for webmaster" which is a variation of the more general "for (group)" . I believe that there might already be a precedance for this over at There was some discussion about "for" tags.

Seth says
I looked this up and they are using for:username for this New delicious feature for tags. We could either use the same syntax here, which is a bit tedious, or the easier one "for username". Delicious does not allow spaces in tags but we do. Sometimes being compatable is good, sometimes it is not. What do you all think ?

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