Stopping a Nuclear War

I feel like sanctions trying to stop a WAR!


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  2. person vs world


Mark de LA says
What was funny about this was that the hamster is in a very precarious predicament! 

Seth says
I think there is a very special relationship between personal actions and the vastness of world sized forces.  Your caption "... trying to stop a WAR" brought that to mind.  On the one hand we know how miniscule the effect of our personal actions are ... and on the other hand we know that when our personal actions combine with many others they can cause real change in the world sized forces. But our experiences in the world do not enforce the latter .... rather they tell us again and again how impotent we are.  Hense it appears that our only recouse is to laugh about it.  Well laughter is good, it mitigates the pain.   Perhaps more about this later ... it is an interesting topic.

My favorite joke on it is the mouse with a erection floating under a draw bridge asking it to be raised.

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