The Lost Art of Persuasion

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     Hitting people over the head with a baseball bat is one form of persuasion, but it is not artful.  Drawing clear pictures with words & drawings may be artful, but not persuasive. There are some subtle differences between persuasion & convincement.  This blog has tended more toward the meaning of the latter rather than the former.  I also like persuasion rather than argumentationArguing is the best description of what is going on here. Arguing may be effective to some, convincing to others but rarely persuades outside the confines of courts & the like - it being rarely effective where a person is free to think on his own, unconstrained by external circumstances.
     Arguing & convincing are manifestations of the right-wrong game - pure unhuman machinery!  The right-wrong game is animal, genetic & body-based, & falls short of the full potential of the human spirit & being!

     Communicate is the best word to describe what I am looking for.  [Origin: 1520"30; < L comm?nic?tus, ptp. of comm?nic?re to impart, make common, equiv. to comm?n(is) common + -ic?re v. suffix]

     IMHO communiction works best when it is about what is common amongst most humans.  It brings together shared interest, solves problems & inspires common action.

     Beating each other over the head, metaphorically speaking, with words, links & link farms, insults, ad hominem attacks, & insinuations -- with hit-pieces & talking points of others is NOT IMHO communicating.  Neither is it persuasive to independent thinkers who still have freedom of thought.  We need more consideration of each other as audience while we exercise our freedoms to think & speak!

     Please communicate your constructive thoughts & ideas in the spirit of this item below.


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Seth says
Why talk about it, just do it!  Every instance of a comment where the commenter does not demonstrate awareness of the intention of the author of the item, is another instance of "talking past each other".   It perputuates a lack of communication.  The solution is simple.  (1) make every attempt to understand what you are commenting on from the point of view of its author (2) demonstrate in what you say that you understand that point of view (3) start from there and inform the dialogue in some new way.  If your primary reason for commenting is to poke fun at the other person, then don't expect that your comment will be well recieved.  If you are disagreeing then that is fine, but it is not going to inform the other person if you attack them and not their opinion.   There really is no excuse for ad hominem at fastblogit.  Humor is fine, but using humor to insult or degrade a point of view will never inform the other person or make them laugh. Like you say above, communicate and persuade !!!

Mark de LA says
I think of this item as mostly a Call To Greatness than anything else.  It could eventually show up in the blogosphere as a movement of intense greatness, rationality & clarity rather than the same SOS.
See this
Hubble Picture of the Eye of God Nebula for inspiration.

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