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         Occult Science
    To some this title is an oxymoron.  But, I say that if you give a set of instructions & prescribe the conditions under which certain results can be obtained then that is as good as much of modern science - better than some of it's branches.  Nobody that is genuine in the Occult Science world requires the aspirant to just use his faith or belief.  Whether or not you pursue knowledge & conversation within the spiritual world or care even to conceive that there is such a world is your own business. The spiritual world is not a place to argue about nor demand that others believe in it.
    Nor is it free of some work & effort on the part of the aspirant for it's obtainment. You can or not compare this apparent requirement to that of general science like chemistry or physics. A certain amount of schooling & effort is part of the course. Just showing up in class is not enough!
If you wanted in some worldly domain , let's say to become a bricklayer, then you would  expect to have to take up the  trowel, mix some grout & actually cut & handle some bricks along the way.  If you want to become a bricklayer without doing any of these things then you are deluding yourself - maybe you should choose something else to do.  Such is the same in pursuit of the occult & knowledge & conversation in the spiritual world.  If you get scared, quit or go nuts then perhaps it is not something for you to do or maybe you just have more obstacles to overcome before you get there - that is up to you.  It is but a common human failing, part of the right-wrong game,  to blame your lack of attainment on the methods & instructions given & not your own shortcomings.
     Finally, in the branch of the occult that CFR has put before you nothing is required that you lay aside your logical faculties.  Indeed it is just the opposite - those faculties of clear headed logic and consciousness will get you the farthest. 
     In the end you are still free to do what thou wilt!  I bid you an interesting journey whatever your quest.


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Mark de LA says
seth 2006-09-25 09:16:51 4496
Why is this world called "occult" meaning secret?
In fact S you already know that answer.  I will add another which you have already ridiculed & that is it is only secret to a man who has no eyes & no ears.

Mark de LA says
Seth, you have said it pretty much in the first sentence:
source: ... I am coming from a context of interfaith dialogue.
... That's not what Occult Science is all about.  There is NO faith needed. RS who coined the term & wrote a book by the same name has said that the results of knowing his findings & explorations in the other worlds helps in traveling the path. He has also given lectures on the Christian gospels & the Bhagavad Gita, Buddha, Zoroaster & many subjects crossing all different religious lines. If you do not want to accept the findings, just like you do not have to accept the findings of other PhD's in physics or chemistry etc. ...DON'T. Discover them yourself.  You should look at so called scientific papers & literature & see how much you accept without going to the source & redoing it yourself. 

     Trying to have inter-faith dialogues between the leaders of faiths to keep the peace is laudable.  But, to determine who is right & wrong is futile!  It's about faith; nothing rational there. What do you expect out of such a dialogue? There is no purpose in having an inter-faith dialogue with or about Occult Science. 

Mark de LA says
seth 2006-09-25 09:42:48 4496
M 2006-09-25 09:27:18 4496
 it is only secret to a man who has no eyes & no ears.
Do you have eyes & ears to percieve in this world?
You could say that while I am somewhat blind & deaf it is not total. I quote myself from the item:
The spiritual world is not a place to argue about nor demand that others believe in it.
... Mostly charlatans & semi-charlatans like AC argue about the level of their attainment. Rather than trying to prove to anyone that the spiritual world exists I am introducing a context for it's exploration.  Don't try to go there if all you want to do is argue. Buddha's 8-fold path gives good guidance for the context & attitude needed.

Seth says
I am comming from a context of interfaith dialogue.  In such dialogue, me thinks, it is useful to understand the basis of a person's faith. This kind of knowledge is also useful for people who are choosing a path of faith.   To this end we can compare Christianity, Islam, and Occultism.  Both Christianity and Islma use a system of scriptual authority.  People tell you that these scriptures are true, and you believe them.  Occultism is different.   You believe in Occultism because you believe in your own perceptions, and not necessarily the authority of scripture.  I call that a good thing.  But with Occultism you must go through a long process of training with exercises to be able to have these perceptions and to become an Initiate.  Unfortunately few people in this modern world are able to successfully complete the training; instead we must rely on those people who tell us that they already have these perceptions.

So how does the interfaith dialogue go between a Initiate and a person of the Book, eg a Christian or a Muslim?  The Muslim might say, "it is written that X", but the Initiate might say "I see that Y".   I doubt that they can ever agree except of course where "X" just happens to be interperted as "Y".  Of course we have the same situation with interfaith dialogue between Scriptual based faiths.  For example recently Muslims claimed that Pope Benedict was not sufficiently trined in Islamic scripture to say the things he said.  So in all cases, in interfaith dialogue, is it not better to keep to  type 1 arguments?  Iow, don't talk scripture (dogma), and don't talk about percieved characteristics of the spriitual world; except, of course, in those cases where there are agreements.  So we must say, if you can agree, then fine, but if not, then don't worry about it for that disagreement is burned into the situation.  That is all i am trying to get across here.

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