October Surprise

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     Traditionally in the pre-election month of October each party tries to come out with a scandal of some kind to dominate the news to influence the election which comes Tuesday following the first Monday of November every year.
So what do we in the group UnhackTheBrain make of all that? Well expect extreme megaphone action on scandals. Expect lots of distortion of the importance of bits of information in the news. Expect way too many commercials which emphasze bits of the October Surprise. Expect the RWG to bloom forth with reckless abandon.  Note that since books are published quicker these days that at least a book or 2 from each side will dominate the talking points & talking heads of TV fame. Woodward's book now seems like just the bible of talking points for the Demo side - quotes being memorized like a bible should. I guess the Repubs were only able to get a movie out & cause Clinton to loose his kewl. Colin Powell has a biographer about ready to cut loose - one wonders if he was ever a Repub.
      If one is looking for any semblance of truth pull the plug on the TV & go on vacation until after the election.  Ponder the flushgov.net & how that might make a change.  Go to a peaceful place & meditate on the present!


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