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The UN is a failure.  It has failed to halt any wars.  It  barely does much in the way of humanitarian aid that wouldn't be done by the US & a few other nations who have the money & ability to do so.  It is just a debating society that has no balls & no teeth.  It has several key tests in the next few months:  Iran, North Korea, & Darfur.  I will bet that it fails all three.
The United Nations really needs to change it's name.  If the United Nations can't get together to stop N. Korea & Iran from becoming nuclear blackmailers then they are just a laughing stock with an oxymoronic name. The following is an appropriate symbol for the United Nations.


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Seth says
I tend to agree.  Me thinks the UN needs to seek out more effective measures to effect change on rogue nations.  

Mark de LA says
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seth seth 2006-10-09 08:49:49 TooDeep in the RWG 2006-10-09 06:04:04 4611  If you can't see that having the UN put sanctions on N. Korea would affect N. Korea & put them in further isolation then you will have to remain ignorant of the fact.  Well i don't think NK will like the sanctions that the UN will doubtless impose now.   But is there any incident in history where some nation acted according to the will of the UN in response to sanctions being imposed?  I just need that  fact in my knowledge bank.  Has any nation not gone nuclear in response to sanctions being imposed?   IOW, are sanctions effective in detering nuclear proliferation? My other point is that there was an incident back there where NK changed course and started developing nukes in response to an change in US administration policy.  (Perhaps i will find the time to document that change)  In hind sight me thinks it is fair to say that policy change contributed to NK looking like a nuclear power today.  What was that policy change?  Who was responsible for it?  How did it contribute to the situation we have today?  What kind of policy would have had a different effect?  Those are the kind of questions that need to be answered.

Sanctions are a NON-MILITARY way of putting pressure on a misbehaving country. Somewhere in a diplomatic vs military ladder of moves on the world chessboard is sanctions. Another, which is actually near an act of war is a blockade (remember the Kennedy missle crisis of the '60s). If sanctions don't work it is because they are usually not unanimous. The lack of unanimity is because some counties benefit from the chaos or misbehavior.  China benefits on NK because it continues to be a thorn in the side of the US. Ditto for Russia. That's why sanctions on Iran will fail. In a way, China, Russia & the UN will cause the next war by putting their self interests above that of peace! Sanctions & a no-fly zone on Iraq kept Iraq contained for a long time.  Unfortunately, they were incomplete & mediated by a corrupt UN.  By the time all this was discovered it was too late. The game had moved on.  Had the sanctions been unanimous & uncorrupt with open inspections (not the farce that they were) the Iraq war would never have happened.

We need better methods & systems to deal with sovereignty vs humanity vs the world!

Mark de LA says
M 2006-10-09 09:10:59 4616
I say kick out & isolate with complete unanimity those states which violate the UN charter or their treaties.
You people rise with indignity when a homosexual congressman sends dirty emails & IM messages to congressional apprentices, but in the UN you can't even assemble enough outrage to kick a country like Sudan out of the UN when it is committing genocide on citizens of it's own country!

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