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Define the password on anonymous groups (groups.postingStatus == "anonymous") as equal to the group name.

For more background see What is an open Group?

--- history ---
Allow anyone to login to an anonymous group. The criteria will be (1) that the group is anonymous: groups.postingStatus == "anonymous" , and (2) that the password is blank.

Note that many named groups are incorrectly coded in the database, this will need to be fixed.

Rational for this is discussed in the comments below.


Seth says
Yes that is the way the system works. You didnt make up a password and now you want to log into the group. How are we to allow you to log into it ? Can anyone log into an anonymous group? That would be a solution. Does, however kind of make anonymous groups very unprotected. However that may be a good idea. If you post without a password, then anyone whatsoever can delete your items just by logging into that group and claiming them. That might kind of solve some problems here. A discussion is in order ...............

Seth says
This bears on the integrity of your posts if you do not name and password protect your group.

Seth says
This is not a difficult fix ... just test if group is anonymous, then allow anyone to log into it and have it as their cookie group. At moment am favoring that approach rather than upholding the integrity of the items of an anonymous poster.

Seth says
one could even allow one to applay a password to the group during a login ... in a way then the group becomes named ... it is named with the system generated name, but nevertheless it would have all the prividledges of a named group.

Seth says
for more backgound see anonymous groups in the faq