ZUNG - Hex #6 Thwan & line 4 Commentaries

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Hex 6 ZUNG is Contention (conflict, arguing, fighting etc.)  The old translation via Wilhelm is hereLine 4 is appropriate for today, a Monday, from the point of view from the Rocky Mountains.

The interesting quote from the commentaries p.1706 of the Tai Shu is:

(4th line...) Its yielding place gives this line possibility of being converted to turning away from conflict. Thus one turns back & submits to fate;  changes attitude & finds peace in perseverance. Contrary to situation of yang in 2nd place, here he is dealing with weaker opponent & might succeed, but he cannot carry on fight since right is not with him & he cannot justify conflict to his conscience.

True peace is found at the point of equilibrium in the heart of the conflict between Ahriman & Lucifer, viz in the CHRIST!

All stages of the nature of conflict is described nicely in the link to the Thwan.

Might feed this into the mix with 4739 & 4740


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