SHUDO PART :1  KUDAIS LIFE
As you know a man name Kode is a ultimate legendary demon slayer. And he was called that because he slays thousands of evil demons. With no fear shown as he fight. Tears have drip from his wife Yinso when Kode died. But anather legend has began as Kodes son is born named "Kudai"! "Honey wake up Kudai wakeup" said Yinso
"Why mom its summer"? asked Kudai "Because your friends are waiting outside for you" answered Yinso.
"Ok mom" said Kudai after he said that he got dressed up with his favroite clothes and went outside."Hey what's up Kudai.said Tex and Ena.The two kids Tex and Ena are twins that are best friends with Kudai."Hi guys why you woke me up at 8:39? Questioned Kudai. "Our secret spot has been trashed a lot by the guy we hate." answered Tex. "Sith thats who" said Ena. "How are you sure thats him anyway.?" Kudai asked. "Because nobody hates us more than he does so we give him payback." "Lets go to the Exacten abanden gas station thats where he always hang out". said Tex. So the three  kids went to the abanden gas station where they found Sith.
"Well well look at these three ugly pipsqueks" . joked Sith. "Won't you shut up Sith"!! Were here to im settle it once and for all" yelled Ena. "What by just crying for your mommy?" asked Sith. "Thats it I'll take you on you ugly demon! hollered Kudai. "


an chau says
I have imagen lots of cartons in my head.So I write it down on this website.An chau is my real name on only 10 years old but I still want to make a cartoon like.Naruto,TRINITY BLOOD, Dragonball z,and lots of other cartoons so ihope you like the one i wrote and dont worry ill type more and ihope all the things i wrote would be one on toonami or adult swim.

Seth says
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