Nice to have

It would be nice to have a button that one does not need to search for that will take one to the room where all the "so far" answeres are displayed as well as the info below. Winnie

Frequently Asked Questions about FastBlogIt.Com

This is where we answer you questions about how the FastBlogIt.Com system works. To ask a question, just enter your question in the title of an item and tag it with "faq" and with the special tag "to answer" which will put it in the tagroom to answer. That is where we will look for questions to answer.

posted by seth on faq at 2005-08-25 12:14:10 permalink


Seth says
well i guess we could put faq as a button on the top of screen ... is that wha u mean?

Winnie says
Yes! A button some where...can be designed to fit into nice graphics where it is most useful