Prelude to a Fault

Only time would tell now. It was late in the afternoon, and the night was rapidly appraoching. This was the only time that Jeremy had left to keep his wits about him. Looking back towards his friends, he pushed on, into the woods. To spend a night alone among the woodland creatures. As night fell, the darkness approached quickly, and Jeremy soon found himself loosing himself in though. "What if a wolf finds me?" or "What would happen if I were to fall into a hole?" Questions of fright invaded his every move. He could hardly move, but he had to. If he did not, he would not find the item he was searching for. And soon, very soon, he would find that item. He has found it. A bright glowing light in the middle of the darkness. About a mile ahead of him. A flashflight would help him greatly, but he was forbidden one by his friends. But why? To enhance the fright that Jeremy would experience perhaps? Who knows. I certainly do not. Here we go, Jeremy is starting for the light. I would hope that he could make it, but we will see. He is running. Running through the darkness to get to the light, hitting his chest upon many trees and running through bushes and the like. He is scrached up and bloody, but he does not know that. He cannot see that, nor can he feel it. His adrenaline is too high at this time to keep himself thinking straight. He is nearing the light, and the light is getting brighter as he nears it. He is at the item now, but what is it? Jeremy is so close, that the darkness is no more, but, at the same time, the light is so bright, he still cannot see himself, nor can he see the item he has been seeking. He blindly looks about, feeling the ground for anything that might be the item, or a pedastul that would hold this item. He finds something. A wooden staff, and upon touching this staff, standing straight into the ground, the light diminishes to a point in which he can see himself, his bloodied self. The staff of well being is the item that he has been seeking, and he has found it. With this in his possession, he will be forever calm, and control a powerful source of light. And for now, at least, he will find his way back to his friends, and he can be assured his life will be a simple one, but what of the future? Will he hold on to the staff of well being? Will he toss it aside? Will someone steal it from him? Or maybe other circumstances may arise. Who can tell? I know I don't, but maybe we will see. And if your interested, maybe there will be more to this story, but I certainly can't tell. Untill the next we meet, wether it be in story or in another realm, take care of yourselves good people of the earth.


Lauren says