Why the button bar is off by 3 pixels in Firefox

It shows correctly in IE 5+, but is off by about 3px in Firefox. This is not necessarily a bug in Firefox CSS, rather i have compensated for a bug in IE and chosen (temporarialy) to show the discrepency between IE and Firefox in the Firefox browser.

That i need to do this SUCKS BIG TIME !!!

More agout this later ....

Oh, yes, i will prolly make two css classess and determine which browser you got and show you a nice clean button bar. But i am not going to do it without screeming BLOODY MURDER about it.


Mark de LA says
can't the button bar just be centered ? why worry about it's absolute placement ?

Mark de LA says
the incompatability between browsers has been assaulted for years. right now my favorite browser, Opera, is the worst offender for viewing FastBlogIt/

Mark de LA says
are you using CSS2 ?

unknown says
don't get me going on centering in CSS .... really, you dont want to see a grown man cry. i refuse to use all the jerryrigged hacks that are necessary to get a browser compatable CSS center ... no, rather i will just use the old html center .... the W3C's depreciation of same be dammed .... and all of this is from the cyber cafe

unknown says
can't the button bar just be centered ?
Yes, just put a HTML center markup around it.
like this

unknown says
incidentally, Winnie, gonna haf to back off of the sculpted border for the whole page .... sorry ... ill splain when i get home

Seth says
Yes, just put a HTML center markup around it. (the button bar)
Actually you can't ... see the way it looks now at the top of the page ... which is just another reason CSS SUCKS !!!