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Heard today on talk radio: They should have fired the entire Iraq Surrender Group & hired the managers of the National Footbal League instead - at least the NFL managers know what winning is all about!

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This is a much better representation than what Al Jizzira thinks about the report.

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Q & A on who/what the Iraq Study Group is.  Note they have hired a PR firm to make sure the public likes the results!

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Here is another editorial that crisps-up the situation with the ISG.
I wonder if anyone remembers Baker didn't get the job done with Saddam Hussein the first time around.
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The creation of the Iraq Study Group reflects the vain hope that well-meaning, senior, former public officials can find ideas that have not already occurred to people inside government; that those new ideas can redeem incompetent execution and insufficient resources; that salvation can come from a Washington establishment whose wisdom was exaggerated in its heyday, and which has in any event succumbed to a kind of political-intellectual entropy since the 1960s; that a public commission can do the work of oversight that Congress has shirked for five years in the misguided belief that it would thus support an administration struggling to do its best in a difficult situation. This is no way to run a war, and most definitely, no way to win it.


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Read the whole editorial (contrasting the first part with the last) if you are still having orgasms over the ISG report!