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At one time Larry Dodson was interested in the Morehouse concept of a commune. Apparently the leader, Victor Baranco , was taking old Victorians in San Francisco & having people live in them for free as long as they fixed them up. This was similar to Project II except that those that lived in them didn’t own them at all. One interesting feature of the community living was that everyone would maintain a public list of what they wanted. Others would try to satisfy these wants (which were often about sex with someone in the community).  Victor has been dead since 2002, according to his 2nd wife’s website; his seminars & such is maintained by his wife. Their courses sound like the curriculum hasn’t changed much.


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Mark de LA says
Somewhere in the perusal of the google links I also found this [website: uri]; Amazing that there are journals about these communities.

Mark de LA says
More [links: url] - as with all such endeavors there is good & bad. There is a lot more to be googled at uri

Mark de LA says
Apparently somebody graduated from Morehouse University to go on & write a book called The One Hour Orgasm ... heh heh heh

Mark de LA says
"Enlightenment is when you realize that what was planned is a party" -- Dr. Victor Baranco

Jordan says
It is true there is More University, which has been an accredited institution for 15 years. I have nothing personal against their ideologies and the fact that they have existed for so long means the community is generally accepted by various circles I just think the whole community is full of perverts who have found a satisfying their needs!

Mark de LA says
Apparently there is also a Wikipedia article on the group here .  I can't say much more than it was a typical urban hippie commune at the time my friend Larry attended a class there. Things evolve & change & some degrade - like the society we have nowadays.

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