Embrace Media Bias

Rather than being upset that media reporting does not conform to our individual biases, or that the reporting is cherry picking facts for a reporter's point of view we should embrace that the reality of things is that such will happen & embrace it - it's just another's point of view.
We should then know & keep track of what individual reporters biasses are, their history, their education & biographic details. In the internet era such information would be easy to accumulate, publish & update for anyone to query. No articles should be published without identifying who wrote the article.  News outlets could be shunned if they refuse to identify their reporters.  The same can be done for commentators & editorialists.


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Seth says
Works for me 

Mark de LA says
A start! Maybe somebody heard me in the Phillippeans. See the writer's short biography next to his picture & article in this paper.

Mark de LA says
Here is an article from the American Journalism Review (AJR) which points out some of the problems of determining bias at the granularity of newspaper. Starting out with Congress as an indicator is a bit messy at the start.

Mark de LA says
It may just be that journalism & newspapers & other media are naturally liberal just because one who goes into those professions "want's to change the world" (or not)! - that being the predominant script of those asked "Why do you want to be a journalist?"

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