bug queue

The delete all tags in a tagroom function should have a warning "Do you really want to delete the tags for this tagroom" or something like it. It is too easy to do & can cause a lot of problems. I deleted the biology tags for your 2 cell thingies.



Mark de LA says
ps. when i put the above url with the "whatever" bogus tag in the about url the system gave me a "title not given" title inspite of the fact i supplied bug queue as the title

Seth says
hmmm ... i put that url above in and got an error
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/webadmin/fastblogit.com/html/update/index.html on line 64

Seth says
But, yes, it seems to me that this item should be in the title room bug queue

Seth says
and in fact it is :)

Seth says
The delete tagroom should be a rename tagroom instead

Seth says
however it would only affect the tags that you were piviledged to rename