Liberals repeat lies - not really a headline

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British intelligence was given proof that a trade delegation Iraq sent to Niger in 1999 was seeking to purchase uranium.  This required no stretch of the imagination -- Niger's main exports are uranium, cowpeas and onions, and I don't see Saddam making a secret of his taste for French Onion Soup a la Niger.  The problem was, the British were given this information by a third country. By the rules of the international intelligence community, a country may only share source documents with the permission of the original country. As our allies, the Brits shared the information with us, but not the source, and President Bush decided to inform the American public about it.  Since the British couldn't turn over the source documents, the CIA was told to find its own proof. the whole article for the lies in Seth's 5827


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Mark de LA says
seth 2007-01-23 10:43:39 5828
This item is a bit confusing.  Let me ask you 2 direct questions:  Is it ok for your president to use lies to justify invading a country?   Or do you claim that the President believed the British report when he told the American people of it?  
the latter - it wasn't just the British.

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