IATF RFC Number 1, version 0.2: Who We Are

Arnold Kling must have somehow tried to merge the Libertarian movement with the Conservative Movement. I wouldn't do that. The clearest Libertarian I have read about and agree with is John Mackey of Whole Foods. I wrote an 3909 just after I discovered him on the internet.  The Constitution & the Bill of Rights have the purpose of limiting government.  In IATF RFC #1 Kling suggests
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Government cannot legislate morality, but it does mess with the incentives....
I don't accept that it should "mess with the incentives" of anything. That is what gave us our regulatory nightmare & the horrendous tax code.  In the need for affirmation section Kling got muddled in the Iraq War debate - not a thing for creating "who we are". 
Nice attempt at a vision or credo.  Comparisons don't work very well as a practice in defining onself. "NOT-Bush" may currently be defining the Democrat party, but it gives us no clue as to how they would behave if actually elected.  The current ship of fools in congress shows what you get.


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Mark de LA says
Robert Heinlein was also, apparently,  a libertarian. Here is a quote from another article:
source: ... Heinlein once told a visitor,

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