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About: the brain scan that can read people's intentions | the guardian | guardian unlimited

This article brings to mind the possibility that one could also program a mind a la NLP and see what parts are affected & devise an NLP script (or therapeutic metaphor) to affect that part of the brain that needs a hack.

One other thought occurred to me & that was what would happen if those who work in this field & wonder about ethics can make up their own ethics by declaring what they are. This would be an alternative to the ethics by passing laws.  These declared ethics might act similar to the self declared sexual harassment rules for a company that want's to avoid lawsuits.
This field is becoming more interesting. Extending it to gather intelligence from terrorist suspects is obvious.
The technique uses functional MRI & software programs. Wikipedia article is here.


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Mark de LA says
I would also like to extend this technique to discovering reporters biasses. Then rate reporters & editors on how much they are trying to change the world rather than reporting the news!

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