After the Storm

Rainy days can be beautiful. It all depends what you are trying to accomplish!


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Mark de LA says
I guess she doesn't use links

Winnie says
BTW when I put this into the place where it says to put (Web address (URL) of your media:) the blogit wont post

Winnie says
how do I use a link....I have tried to before and it just wont post...

Winnie says
I dont seem to kno how however would love to do the links

Mark de LA says
actual address of the media is

Mark de LA says
right click on it and "copy image location" gets you there

Winnie says
soooo then one cannot copy and paste the actual address on the page into the place! why not? just the image location...not the page How do we put our Web addresses into it

Mark de LA says
the About box is for web pages (ending in htm or html) - the media is for pictures ending in jpg, jpeg or one of the other picture formats. Navigate to the actual jpg which is hosted on the server with the webpage by right clicking & following the above instruction.

Mark de LA says
there is more to it that seth will explain eventually in a faq

Winnie says
Twood be nice to have a place to just put the address and enter stead of all that

Seth says
It would be nice to get this all answered in the faq and as intuitively obvious on the add page as possible. Thing is, winnie, there is a big difference between a web page that shows a picture and just the picture itself. Perhaps we could have a chat session where we would go into all of that and frame some language that might imporve what we write on the /add/ page. Mark is certainly pointing you in the right direction.

Mark de LA says
it's a matter of whether you want the whole web page to come up or just the picture itself. If you use the media boxes - then you had better put the actual address of one of the several kinds of media in the box.

Seth says
Twood be nice to have a place to just put the address and enter stead of all that
And if i put the address in that "place", what would you want to happen? and if you put the address in that palce which of the seven pictures on that page would you expect our system to show ?

Winnie says
the picture that was the large one in the middle was the focus.

Seth says
yeah but an automated system is very stupid .. it doesnt know that

Seth says
actually the system should have said ... sorry that is not a media file, it is a whole web page ... please navigate to the actual picture and place it's address in the media box

unknown says
A web page is a set of instructions written in HTML & other script languages on how to display what the author wants you to see. Just like your color instructions for the background. Pictures are stored in files on the server and only their references are to be found in the actual webpages. If you do a view source on any webpage like yours with the picture you will not see any picture at all.

Winnie says
I see links that go to a site and not just a picture at times ........

unknown says
I think you are on to something !!

unknown says
#SeriTD is monitoring your first news. So far everyone, including you, are getting their first news back in an average of 5.6 seconds with only a .8 second variance. That is way to long IMHO, but nothing like #StarryEyed … so we will keep monitoring and collecting clues.

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