The earlier and later buttons on PERMALINKS

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We can go back and forth on an item by item basis in the common river. This is very useful because it allows you to watch the river in the order of flow one item at a time.

However it brings us to a decision:

Should the permalink url be for example:

Or should it be:

I vote for taking the group out of the permalink. Here are my reasons:

  1. It makes calulation of earlier\later permalinks very straight forward and efficient

  2. It opens up the possiblity of changing the group of an item and not messing up all of the references to it. This would be a very desireable feature

Discussion ...


Seth says
Incidentally earlier\later buttons are now working for permalinks using the stratagy #1 above.

Seth says
Another potential advantage is that it would tend to take the group header off the permalink page.

Seth says
see longer discussion on the about item here