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Mark de LA says
The picture works for this story as well:
... one thumb up

Mark de LA says
When Seth degenerates into the cesspool I remove such posts & am reminded of this picture:
(***) Remember, Seth, Obamafish make you angry. Resist the temptation! Just let them go. This was the only humorous place I could quickly put Obama's "Boy Scouts should be open to gays" comment.

Mark de LA says
seth 2013-02-04 05:37:02 6754

Of course there is no connection between the German job search firm and the picture of Obama ... except in the mind of Mark.  As such, this item has become about Mark's mind.

The German firm made it's point and probably is doing well with it's advertising investment.  It is a cute ad.
Ad hominem as fast as you can - that's really how you bung holes on the left will achieve consensus.  (NOT!). 
(this one was a joke about bung holes, but because of the Obamafish you can't resist)