Imagine - II

Imagine a peaceful Spring Day on Earth 1500 years from now
   Once in a dream state I called it θιρθ .  Now on thirth we say most frequently that everybody just simply does the right thing without quibbling - but, more about that later.  What is more interesting is that when fear of our neighbors disappeared about 500 years ago, because almost everybody had the same fear, humans started relating to each other differently.  Curiosity about each other brought about friendships.  Friendships brought about cooperation. And cooperation brought about a different kind of conversation for solving problems. And a different way of solving problems brought about different kinds of governments & economies.  True, what happened after the new energy resource was discovered & packaged ubiquitously in any size was that other resources seemed silly to hoard also; thus contributing to dynamic harmony in commerce & government.  Coming from an assumption of abundance in life helped disappear the fear. Without the fear of each other the fun in being mean & selfish disappeared into curiosity & friendship.  Being lonely was no longer a problem. So what is θιρθ like ? With the θιρθ-Internet there are neighbors & friends everywhere! So I ask my friends & neighbors, NOW how is it for you in this Future ?


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Mark de LA says
seth 2007-04-14 08:51:07 6818
What's the derivation of ???? ?
If you run the words The Earth together you get close to it.  Originally I heard it from the cosmic ooze as Thirth in the old warehouse days when waking up from a dream in the morning. Later I wrote it in greek for fun and liked the symmetry of the theta on both ends. That symmetry of the greek ? builds in some of:

Greek ???? (The

Mark de LA says
ΘΙΘ  - prolly s/b ΘεΙΘ

Mark de LA says
some people ate my greek letters. thumbs down

Si says
This is good. Thing is, this is already happening. One only need know where to look, how to see, how to think such that they are in vibrational sync with this happening here now. Every part of this experience is available now, from the full monty, to participating in building it, to simply watching it unfold. It is only a matter of bringing your thoughts, and beliefs, into alignment with whatever part you want to experience now.

I am personally deeply involved in the process of building this with other people, and observing others who are fully living it now. That is my point of alignment.   

Mark de LA says
EGW eimai – Specifically what are you doing in alignment with besides spreading your already always LOA language.  What action are you taking?  

Si says
Well, your thought above is not about action, it is about an experience. The action would be to create it, but that is not necessary, the experience is already here, now, for anyone who wishes it.

For instance, the free energy devices, I make them. I learned how to make them by studying Tesla’s works. The peaceful friendships, cooperation, curiosity, and other aspects you relate are exactly how the greater members of the community I live in experience each other. This is more than my tribe, it is the larger part of the community in this valley nestled in the shadow of Mt. Mitchell, the tallest mountain on the East Coast.

All of these things are available to everyone, right now, in many places around the world.  You see, it is not that they don’t exist, it is that many people are here for different experiences than you relate above. Some are here to rape and pillage and war, others are here to live thrills (the jocks), others to explore and create (the nerds and geeks), others to play in art, others to play in politics, etc., etc. They all exist simultaneously now and sometimes intertwine, sometimes not. Each person only experiences the aspects that match with the experience they desire. Often the jocks, experiencing the thrills of life, have virtually no experience of politics, or of science and geeks, and maybe some of art.

It is completely possible to live in this world right now and only experience that which you are aligned with. The experience you relate above is here now and I have a lot of it happening in my life … and almost none of what you have in your life, except for when you talk about it. I don’t lock my doors or experience violence or crime, I don’t pay taxes or need a licence to drive, and I would not even know who was in the finals for president if not for you and Seth. There are almost no TV’s or other news here and the people here are very selective about the media they are exposed to. If I started talking about Hillary or Trump, for instance, they would most likely leave the room.

Mark de LA says
Yep, most cultists are locked-in/locked-out. Doing seems a lot more evident than talking about. Can you charge your ipad with your free energy device without hooking up to a power source in the national/local park? If so , have you actually done it?

Seth says

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