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Mark de LA says
Rush had an interesting take on the Virginia Tech massacre today.  In effect he suggested that banning political correctness "PC" on campuses would have gone a lot farther than any more gun laws or other such restriction.  You see, gun laws don't prevent a person intent on atrocities from getting a gun.  What is known is that the perp was a product of the public educational political correctness as was his classmates. Why did none of them rush him in a swarm once his intent was known ? Maybe it was the fear of getting ostracized for being a xenophobic (he was from S. Korea); maybe it was no behavior (like his incendiary writings) had any moral limits; maybe it was one shalt not disparage the mentally ill (he had a history); & maybe the children in school were just too comfortable in their live & let live worlds - the me culture - & accepted the perp's behavior as just him doing his thing!
  Let's ban PC

Mark de LA says
One thing that facinates me is the number of items in group funnypages that have insulting, filthy or violent language - obviously people from  the video game & TV generation.

Mark de LA says
... & one other thing.  If I had any influence I would ban all expressions of the VT-killer's images, manifesto etc as a clue to future assholes not to imitiate. Some asshole-media even suggest that he has "come back from the grave" in media & lives immortal on youtube. My selective spending will consider all this from the media I choose to watch to the websites I visit & their sponsors I might otherwise patronize.
A pox on all their houses.

Mark de LA says
Archive Drudge headlines & today's link show the whores of the media perspective:

Mark de LA says
Finally from New Scientist comes this article about the influence of media & video games on behavior.  It is well known that more violence in media desensitizes us to violence in reality.  The whole article gives various example studies.  This is one area that probably should be covered in a different group.  The timeliness of the article vis-a-vis the Virginia Tech shootings is fascinating. I believe that some sources are saying that the killer was influenced (copied?) a movie.
The first fiction movie I ever saw was The Flame and the Arrow with Burt Lancaster & Virginia Mayo. It was shown in a special event in junior high school (age~10). We had no TV at the time. It had such an impact on me at the time that when I came out of the auditorium I wanted to do some sword fighting & rescue some damsels.  I'm glad my first movie wasn't Texas Chainsaw Massacre!
Is video media so hypnotizing that it can cause such evil by itself alone? NLP would probably say yes.  I would say not without bad parental guiding. The solution is balance. I had an interesting train-of-thought this AM to wit: Is Ahriman & materialism the cause. What if we got rid of all TV & video media? But we still would have books. Books are Ahrimanic also. Let's get rid of them.  Then how would we communicate? WOW! We would have to talk to each other..... a novel idea The solution I found was people learning how to talk to each other in ways such that we get each-others' common humanity.

Seth says
Apparently NBC though long and hard about it before they published portions of Cho's spew.  I tend to agree that they made the wrong choice.  Journalism would have been just as well served by reporting that the package was delivered and then charactizing the contents as violent ramblings.   Now there is enough material out there for this carzy to become a folk hero like Kaczynski.  But before comming down too hard on NBC ask yourself whether you would have made the hard choice not to publish on your blog had the package been sent to you.  The hits would have made your own rambelings far move visible to the world. Like with realestate where it is location, location, location ... in the world of media the game is Attention, attention, attention ... ignore the game and you will not succeed.

Mark de LA says
I have yet to watch or read any of it. I watched a DVD & American Idol last night.  NBC thought long & hard & then published it wall-to-wall licking their chops - fuck 'em. Your comments illustrate why I have been using the acronym M$M for the mainstream media.

It's a joke!

Mark de LA says
seth 2007-04-19 10:16:03 6884
M 2007-04-19 09:35:19 6884
P.S. I would probably, after thinking about it a while, given it to a trusty judge, if there is one somewhere, with instructions to have it sealed for 100 years or more.
Easy for you to say from where you sit now.  Your tirade just brings to my mind the vast difference between idealism and social reality.  Me i choose to live and act within social reality ... perchance, on a long shot, to change it by a miscule amount ... but to wish it away  ... no!
Well, if someone doesn't start acting with some kind of integrity & inner conviction humanity is lost.  I guess that is just the difference between libertarians & liberals.

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