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you can purchace this (very same download) at another page on this very same apple domain for the more reasonable price of $29.95.  

Shouldn't they coordinate their Australian  prices with their US prices if they are selling the very same thing on the global net?  Are they saying that you can't purchase QuickTime Pro if you live in Australia for $29.95 for some legal reason?  Are they profiting by people finding the wrong page and paying over twice what they could have paid? Another problem i have found is that if you go to the Australian page, and then go to the cheeper American page, when you click through you end up on the higher priced page anyway.  Ah, but if you clear your cookie, you can go get the $29.95 price.   Either i am missing something very subtile here, or they have a serious screw-up/scam in process. 

So does this (clerical error?) suck ... or not suck ??


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Seth says
M 2007-05-19 20:43:47 7320
I wonder if you are confusing an Australian $ with a US $?
Apparently not .  I think sombody just left up a page that they shouldn't have or  there actually is some legal reason why they can't charge the same price into the Australian market.   The chiggy thing is that sorting through their confusion turned me off to their product.  Right now i'm testin out a free video editor ... if it works for me then they will have lost a sale.

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