I don't agree with this button replacing home.

The buttons should be all the same style. I kept looking at that button there and not liking it; so i put it back to the original home, which i do like. Now all the buttons are of the same style and look smart.

I do have a good use for these buttons and perhaps we can populate the web with them. It's use is for bloggers to put on their items when they want to solicit comments. I blogged about this "fast blogit button" here. We will get far more mileage out of this branding button if we can get people to put it on their items on the web. They are motivated to do so because this is how they get fast feedback about what they are saying.

The branding and logo recognition on our website is really not all that important to our enterprise. On the front door it can take place more effectively in the ad space. Remember that this web service is not about FastBlogIt.Com; no it is about people saying what it is they need to say.

Sorry, the wizzard has spoken ...


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  3. fastblogit button


unknown says
Too BAD - right now without your advertizement (hopefully you will get some real ones later) your website has no itentity. People won't know whether this is the website theyy wanted or not. Furthermore you have no trademark on the icon. Your implementation was different than mine. You turned it into a button. I said it should be clickable and function as a home button just like the rest of the websites whose logo is clickable and resets navigation to home. Sorry you decided to implement it that way. That way you would have had your logo about the same size as your "button strip" . Sorry the wizzard spoke (;-))

unknown says
I agree on the use of a button to draw others to the website. Should probably have a TM on it. Possibly a little smaller.

Seth says
I'm thinking of the user. Cluttering their visual space for ulterior motives sometimes really works the opposite. The visual realistate on the top of the page is too important not to be effective. The way i have it now it is relatively simple and does not intoduce any confusions.

Seth says
I agree on the use of a button to draw others to the website. ...snip ... Possibly a little smaller.
Yes ... ill make an item later about this fastblogit button and how it is useful ... within our own domain we can make it super easy to affix the button to an item ...just enter [fastblogit] and that will show and when someone clicks on it they are instantly transported to add page with the about and title pre filled in ready for them to flame away at the person's post. As this will take a bit of developement, It won't prolly won't happen till after we open.

unknown says
see del.icio.us foxnews CNN Drudge and almost any other. As a matter of fact, I challenge you to find a website that is substantive that doesn't have a logo on it. If you don't want people to know who you are, why have a website ?

ads says
I made all FastBlogIt ads private just to show you what's missing!

unknown says
To think of one's logo as clutter is strange. Unless you are some Zen mystic, you could probably think of your logo as your identity (for this adventure anyway).

Seth says
Yeah and take a look at the small size (at least for the ones that are similar to ours ) and lack of prominance ... especially delicious ... also look at our real competition blogspot.com ... see how small their logo is presented there. If you all can find some very small and not in your face and not visually expensive way to put a logo on the page, then perhaps we can revisit this topic. Incidentally the logo is in no less than 3 places on the page now ... can you find them ?

unknown says
blogspot franchises to others -

Seth says
I made all FastBlogIt ads private just to show you what's missing!
Yes i see your point, yet am still not convinced that taking up realistate to brand the site is to out best advantage. Actually having a low branding profile, me thinks, will work in our favor. If we are useful, people will use us ... period. We are not selling deodorant here ... we are selling a service for people to say what they need to say.

unknown says
I finally ran into a product that has no name nor brand on it at all. It is the ever whatever flashlight that you shake and the magnet goes back and forth and generates electricity in a capacitor (i think). It has no markings or patents whatsoever. Also I don't know who to complain to, I don't know how to order more or even what it's name is. Probably a Chicom knockoff - who knows. Putting a logo above the folksonomy tag list isn't obtrusive.

Seth says
Putting a logo above the folksonomy tag list isn't obtrusive.
That space is already spoken for ... remember your tags pull down list.

unknown says
well, when that finally shows up (actually there is room for both) shift things around. You little blue logo is kewl & makes it's point at almost any size. That's why i had to put some ducks in the way so you couldn't see it to make the point. Make it smaller & in the space to the left of the buttons (IMHO).

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