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About: Boy among five tortured in Iraq -- US military

Watch the torture of boys by the enemy become a non story in the M$M . 
source: ... They were found inside a padlocked room and had been beaten with chains, cables and hoses, the U.S military said in a statement. "The boy stated the terrorists had hooked electrical wires to his tongue and shocked him," it said. It did not give the boy's age. "The hostages indicated their captors were foreign fighters who spoke with different accents."
... I am wondering whether they would have preferred a glow stick up their ass with glossy photos? Anyone got the photos from G'tmo?
      Hmmm... I wonder if any of the victims of AlQueda would prefer glowsticks up their asses or some of the torture provided graphically here?


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Seth says
Michelle Malkin was on The Factor last night bemoaning the M$M's under coverage of a young couple who were brutally murdered when five black suspects carjacked, raped and killed them.  Why did this story not get the round the clock minute by minute obsession that John Mark Karr and  Anna Nicole Smith got? Malkin suggests that black on white crime is just not a PC story.  She might be right.  All the news broadcast channels made the same choice in all of these cases above ... proving that the same process is at work in each ... even foxnews.  Is there any practical way to change that process for the best?  Who is to decide?  It seems to me that the only alternative on the table is user selection ... the way i do it when i sit down at my computer and seek out the stories that interest me.  Sitting in front of the TV watching broadcasts is not ever going to get us out of some PC economics making our choices.

Mark de LA says
About the only place I have read this continuing story is WND.  Apparently there are plans to expedite trucking from South of the border into the United States.  Some worry that safety & security will take a back seat.  Others worry about Bush trying to implement some kind of continental union, similar to the EU, consisting of Canada, US, Mexico & points further south; mainly concerned about what that would do to the US economy, standard of living & national identity (some worry about illegal immigration as well).  The history of this story is very well documented at the bottom of the article.

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