When did the North Pole melt?

About: see it in Google Earth

 If you use Google Earth to look at the North Pole you do not see an ice cap like you do if you use Google Earth to look at the South Pole. Why is that?

Update 9/14/07
Are We Witnessing The Arctic Tipping Point?

Discussion targeted at getting Google to fix their imagery of the Arctic may happen here or here.


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Seth says
M 2007-06-06 21:06:46 7521
I didn't really want to interrupt your train of thought, but whatever caused the polar ice cap to melt might also be showing up in Greenland not to far South of it.
It's real simple.  If you use Google Earth to look at the North Pole you do not see an ice cap like you do if you use Google Earth to look at the South Pole. Why is that?  This question is not really about global warming or why the ice cap is melting.  It simply asks why Google Earth does not show an ice cap at the North Pole.  But i think i figured it out ... you don't see any ice at the North Pole in Google Earth because they are using images that were taken when the Sun was beneath the horizon.

Seth says
M, this is a serious question, but none of what you quote above sheds any light on the question. 

Note that there are several things that it addresses:
  • Is Google Earth showing the images of the  North Pole accurately?
  • Is there some reason that the light at the North Pole is not reflecting images of the ice the way  the way it does in Greenland and Antartica?
  • What are the features that are shown around the North Pole ... does not look like open water to me?
  • Has the ice been gone a long time and i didnt realize it till now?
  • etc ..
Of all of those questions the second seems to me to explain the lack of what looks like ice showing up in Google Earth ...   perhaps the images were taken when the Sun was beneath the horizon

ed says
it look to me like google earth is a combination of premade computer imagry and actual images taken from satalites. you also dont see waves in the middle of the ocean, yat you can near islands that are taken. you dont see cities of lights if all the shots were taken at night.

i think it is just a cheep way to get a fun product out to the masses. so they dont have the whole earth coverd. just places that people would frequently take a look at...and because they were lazy they left the north pole blue.

Seth says
ed 2007-06-13 14:09:47 7521
it look to me like google earth is a combination of premade computer imagry and actual images taken from satalites. you also dont see waves in the middle of the ocean, yat you can near islands that are taken. you dont see cities of lights if all the shots were taken at night.

i think it is just a cheep way to get a fun product out to the masses. so they dont have the whole earth coverd. just places that people would frequently take a look at...and because they were lazy they left the north pole blue.

I see no evidence that the images of the oceans were computer generated.  Below is a sample of the North Pole and the North Atlantic.  The features you see in the Atlantic look more like the sea bed than the surface.  I may get a chance to ask Google about this on one of their forums, so stay tuned. 

Seth says
I started a thread on Google Earth Help forum here.

Seth says
Unfortunately the geomotry at the pole is such that it appears to be impossible to place an overlay map up there.  The closer you get to the pole the smaller the map is forced to be.  The geometry makes the pole like a black hole in which ever overlay map will dissapear.  You can play with it yourself if you think you can do better ... the kmz file is here.

Seth says
seth 2007-06-14 10:30:54 7521
Here is the answer i got to my question ...
Hello Seth,

The reason is because Google only has aerial images over the land

Antartica is a land mass and so you see an aerial image with lots of
ice and snow. There are no images of the oceans - you just see a
profile of the sea floor (which is why you can see the mid-ocean
ridges). As the ice cap at the norh pole is just sitting on the ocean,
theres no aerial image.

The ice cap is still there, honest ;-)


... which begs the question:  Why don't they get some aerial images of the north pole?

Seth says
seth 2007-06-15 09:47:26 7521
Here is a transparent gif of approxametely the polar ice cap adapted from the picture here.  I indend to see if i can make an overlay of this.
Actually this won't work ... simon tells me why here ...
source: google earth help forum
Hello Seth,

This is possible but not with the image you have as it stands.

Have a look at this post from the GE Community for more about this:

Here is an image overlay (altough not a very detailed one) of the
North Pole:

If you save that North Pole image overlay onto your hard drive and
change the extension to .zip you can open the archive with WinZip (for
example). Inside, you'll find a GIF image. Open that and you'll see
how you would have to edit and distort your image to fit the
projection required in GE.

This is similar concept to Mercator Projection:



JD Schmidt says
I know that there are sattilites that pass over the north and south pole. However there is no public view of these sattilites. Strictly for their eyes only. This could explain the missing polar ice caps. Also it might allow you to see the hole to the inner earth. Which they don't want you to know about. In fact there is an expedition under way to explore the inner earth theory. You can go to YouTube to learn more about this. I hope this may help to explain the missing polar caps.

JD Schmidt says
if I can be of assistance. Just drop me a line.
Sincerly JD

JD Schmidt says

Seth says
JD Schmidt 2007-07-01 21:40:48 7521
I know that there are sattilites that pass over the north and south pole. However there is no public view of these sattilites. Strictly for their eyes only. This could explain the missing polar ice caps. Also it might allow you to see the hole to the inner earth. Which they don't want you to know about. In fact there is an expedition under way to explore the inner earth theory. You can go to YouTube to learn more about this. I hope this may help to explain the missing polar caps.

Well i doubt that there is anything quite so dramatic going on here.  To the left is a image that sombody found as referenced by Simon above. The reason these don't show in GE is that Google has a "policy" of only showing actual imagry over land ... and as you know there is no land up there. I think if you make a serious attmept to find sattelite imagery of the North Pole, you will find it.   I would start at NASA.  Using the lack of plentiful imagery is way too weak evidance for "the hole to the inner earth". Would not "the hole"  be covered with ice in any case?

Seth says
Lots of info re the north polein this google earth kmz ... but they still don't show you the ice on the map. 

Seth says
This artcle shows the of imagery that i was hoping that Google would start to show.

Seth says
It's frustrating somtimes to get a big company like Google to do the right thing.  This is a case in point.  The Earth needs a year by year awareness of the melting Arctic ice cap.  Yet Google refuses to show it to us.  The excuse goes something like "we only show images of land masses and the artic is not a land mass".  The fix is easy ... change that rule for the Arctic ... there are plenty of sources of imagery available to Google. 

source: Are We Witnessing The Arctic Tipping Point?

The first thing we would notice is a rapid, and out of control melting (see above), this would be because as more ice melts, more heat is absorbed, which melts more ice, which allows more heat to be absorbed, which melts more

Seth says

Seth says

Photooverlay might be the solution, but i can't get it to work yet.  Check out the original post here, might be more references.

The picture here shows the North West Passage quite open.

Seth says

camillia blossom says
if any one has any real interest int the hollow earth idea, check out the biography of Admeral Bird, he testified before Congres about what he saw in both the north and south poles and even wrote a book about it, witch the U.S. government confiscated, and tried to discredit.
The only remaining copy is in the Bird family trust and there under orders not to tell about its contents or show it to any one.
If there was nothing to the story why did the government try so hard to hush it up?
there is always a basis for myth, and too many have talked about, a lost world, where prehistoric creatures still thrive,( witch would explain the occasional sighting of creatures like Nessy happen, and why we don\'t know anything about where blue whales go to mate and bear young, we even thought they were extinct.) and the trees there make our the red wood forest, and sequoia national forests look like match sticks.
food for fantacy often becomes, the feast of fact. Star Treck inspired the flip phone, Jules Vern inspired space exploration, Admiral Bird inspired, the military to shut him up.
ASK YOUR SELF WHY!!!, and then say, Google can\'t bend a map, or there is not enough sun light, I say bull,&#!%!!! the north pole is where H.A.R.P. is located, High Altitude Radio Pulse. witch is blasting the Ozone layer, with microwave blasts, again ASK WHY? then look at MKUltra, # 11 is particularly interesting, and terrifying.
They have also done underground Atomic bomb tests, WHY?
is there a conection to earth quakes , Tsunamis, and bombing the fault lines around the earth? Hummmm questions, questions, questions,....
There is something going on they don\'t want us to see.
Ever notice how much air brushing is going on? when you look at the Amazon do you want to see blue air brushed water, or what it really looks like? give me reality, give me truth, give me information, give me liberty, or give me death.

Mark de LA says
WOW! Tinfoil hats are 99

camillia blossom says
Wow your self ... you telling every one you would rather wrap your head in a 99 cent tin foil hat that do your home work?
Why not just stick your head in the sand , that at least is free...
OOPS , sorry I forgot you can\'t stick your head in the sand because it is already up your @ss.
Do You still think (9/11) was done by foreigners the government buildings involved were hit by a 757? only three steel framed buildings in the world have ever compleetly collapsed, due to fire. they all collapsed on the same day, and were owned by the same man.he bought the lease just a few weeks before the hit, and negotiated the changes in there insurance policy\'s to include terrorist attacks, he paid 15, Million for the leases on a building that was loosing its renters at an alarming rate. had to remove the asbestos coating in every rafter, and cashed in on the insureance, for double indemnity, claiming the two planes constituted two attacks, and got 7, BILLION DOLLARS. not a bad days work. on a 15 mill investment. the third building that did not get hit by a plane was quote \"PULLED\" for safety reasons. it was blown up. expert demolition style.
ODD? it takes months of preperation to rig a building to blow up like that. to as they collaps into there own shadows
Follow the money trail and find out who profits, and find the guilty party(s)
If your so worried about, or by, people asking question why are you here on this site critisizing others who do
All I\'m saying people is do your home work, ask ask ask and don\'t stop asking. too much shit going on not to wonder, or are you one of the happy sleepers, waiting for your next fantacy life?
Any one here think Craig has the only valid claim to sanity?
The stuff our government is verifyably doing is enough to make you crazy or shock you awake like a cold shower.Seriously did you research MKUltra before calling me out? Lazy putz! didn\'t think so!
Or your a government Stoog here to monitor and ridicule any legitimit concerns.
you obviously don\'t have any real questions so Bu BUY now. I said BU BUYEEE NOW!
Any one here want to try to respond with answers to any of these questions? really ! I want to know.
Two years ago they had pictures pf the polar ice cap , now they don\'t.
you could look at the rain forest, and see the smoke from there burning for hundreds of acers. but now you can\'t
the corperations who think they rule the world are controling information, and bought Google\'s integrity. if you were raping the planets resources would you want Google letting any one peek over your shoulder? or would you negotiate a deal to hide it? ask, ask, ask.

Mark de LA says
Show evidence, NOT PARANOIA! I think your hat slipped off! (get help!)

camillia blossom says
every thing i said is public record, do your own home work i already have.
PARANOIA is just total awareness. i gave you the resources to see for your self , if your too lazy to do that, I'm not going to waste my time trying to spoon feed you.
check out the sites your self and then come back here and tell me I'm paranoid.
un founded ridicule is just a Lazy persons way of telling them selves "god is in his heaven, and all is right with the world"
All is not right with the world, and it will only be fixed IF people wake up, and smell the new world order, where humans are a product, to be scaned, cataloged, and invintoried.
Micro chips for humans is coming fast. Verichip, owned by IBM, and run by, Advanced Angel Tecnologys, is already being used by Mexican police, and many hospitals are signing contracts to use them for all there medical records. some U.S. company's are already asking there employees to be chipped so they can track your movements any where you go in there building. Guns that only fire for the owner of the correct chip.
using parents fear of there children being abducted is a marketing tool to get parents to have there children chipped like there doggies, so they can be found, and returned to them, sounds good until you understand whats behind it.
and start to se the bigger picture, freedoms are being lost people, and you dont even see it coming. WAKE UP! and see thatparanoia is a better idea.
Read you bill of rights for god sakes, king BUSH is taking them away from you, do you know, do you care?. Do you even vote, not that it matters, the Iluminatti decide who they want it be president and surprise surprise, guess who is anounsed as president.... THERE MAN. not of the people by the people , for the people, un less the people yout talking about are the gay guys of the BOHEMIAN GROVE, IN CALIFORNIA. GOOGLE THAT.
look that up on you tube or any where you think has good information. (Bohimian grove), a who's who of the corperate world, the supreem court, and governments world wide.
Meeting every year in secret to decide your fate... you would be hard pressed to find a president that did not come from there ranks.
Or are you too afraid of being proven wrong, then you wont be able to pretend life is grand any more? Get your own help you psudo intilectual. grow some balls and see for your self.
do you own search then tell me something i don't know. name calling is easy, the truth is hard. but it IS out there. no X file pun intended.

Seth says
Camillia, you say: "Two years ago they had pictures of the polar ice cap , now they don't" ... but that is not tue.  There are satellite images of the artic at the Nasa site here and with a little patience you should be able to catch the satellite go by in real time here.   If you are still unconvinced, then wate for the results of the ground excursion in the news here

Google does not show the Arctic ice cap because it is not a land mass, see discussion above. 

camillia blossom says
Saw discussion above, and they did have images of the northern ice cap two years ago, (MIGHT BE THREE). they changed there policy for some reason.
With an ice mass as big as the one were talking about. it might as well be a land mass, and with global warming being of interest to the whole planet. Don\\\'t you think they should be showing it to us?

What is happening there, being done to it, on it, in it, has global ramifications, no individual company, or government has the right to control that information. any arbitrary rule to not show that, seems suspicious. My interest is like many others here,I want to see what all the fuss is about.
Before,... You could look and see there was a body of ice, see Caribou moving on it, see the seal rookeries on the coast. see ships on the watter. fishing, and cruse lines. now it is a sea bed and idealized picture instead of the true photographs.
Whole areas of the amazon basin are air brushed green, there not showing the devistation. blue painted rivers, not showing traffic on the river, or any other natural features that exist on a photograph.
that must take allot of time and money to do.... cheaper to show the true unvarnished image.
So what is the air brushing being done for? or for whom?
Also they used to have allot clearer pictures, you could get allot closer to almost anything you wanted to look at, now they stop you from being able to see up close, and see clearly... Whats up with that.
More advanced technology, but not a better service... Am i the only one who thinks they could do a lot better? Do you hear what I\\\'m saying? I want to see the real things not a painted picture, of the world they portray it to be... that implicates a special interest in covering up the reality. Understand?

OH and they (say) they don\\\'t show it because it is not a land mass, but they do show the ice sheet that extends out from the coast of Antarctica. and some years ago an enormous chunk of the ice sheet broke off,and was drifting around down there, and they showed that... It was like, twice the size of the state of Main or something. so something changed there policy. Ask what caused it. Anything wrong with asking good questions?

camillia blossom says
I Just have to say this to Seth,THANK YOU for your polite reply.
un like the two stooges, who did nothing but, be rude and insulting. I have real concerns, and a burning need to know. I have not always been so driven, but i have been made aware of (the terrible truth) and have learned there is nothing that happens, that is not intimately connected to every other things. (Some want to call it a conspiracy)
Life is a spider web, some are people are spiders, and some are flies. and That web is in everything.
Cause and effect, is a natural law, and a universal truth. I want to know what effect my actions have on the world we share. That requires equal access to information.
Bad things are happening, all around us, and there getting away with it because there is no one making them accountable, no one watching them.
I short the foxes have the key to the hen house, and no one is asking why, does that NOT bother you?

Mark de LA says
M 2007-11-02 13:06:49 7521
Paranoia is expecting the worst possible thing that can happen is going to happen NEXT!  Enjoy yours!

BTW, total awareness is a PTSD disorder somethat like the 1000 yard stare that many Viet Nam vets came home with!  Maybe you aren't paranoid - the CIA is probably out to get you.

camillia blossom says
Exactly why i came here looking for answers in the first place.
Why don\'t they show the polar ice cap any more? it is a massive feature of earths geography, here to for, thought of as pretty much permanent.(we know better now) All the rest of earth geography is going to be effected by the melting of the polar ice caps, and it is a feature of intense interest to the world at large. So why do they not show it...?
They have to go to a lot of extra trouble, and expense in order to not show it. The question it why? who's troubling them to do it? and at what or who's expense?

As i have already speculated in afore mentioned posts there is a thing called HARP. that has been bombarding the ozone layer with microwaves.
microwaves generate heat, go bake a potato if you don't believe that!
It is run by the government (ours) and while i can understand , and respect,the strategic need to restrict areal photos of military bases,as well as other classified sites in order to protect our country. (I do have to ask)

If there is no military presence there in the northern ice cap, (North pole), why is the information being treated like it is top secret, or even classified?
Google earth should be petitioned to release accurate imaged of both the north and south poles. Use layering feature if people want to see the sea bed.
BUT !!!!! If you really want to understand what is going on in the polar ice cap (the world) you have to pull back from your narrow perspective and take a broader look.
It is going to take more than focusing intensely in one area to see the truth.
It is important to question the official story of any issue.

And for that i have been called a tin foil hat wearing, paranoid, post traumatic stress syndrome suffering, dilusional , conspiracy theorist, nut case for asking questions, and encouraging others to do the same.

And for suggesting there may be a different reason, that Google wont show us the real world, other than it is not a land mass, and they only show land.

Nothing stands alone there is always something to support it. (I have suggested other supporting theories )

Google offers a wonder full service, kids get interested in geography in a big way, Cudos to them for that, I have had hours of fun delving into it, as have UN counted thousands
But I\'m telling you, there is a bigger picture that there not allowing us to see.

Rich and Power full people are at work controlling information and you need to ask the question
(WHO BENEFITS ?) Until you know the answer to THAT question you will never know the answer to why Google refuses to show the polar ice caps.
Everything is connected to every thing else, try playing 7 steps to Keven Bacon a game that proves that principle. And I refuse to bow before peer pressure in the form of ridicule, or scorn, because I HAVE learned that.
Thank you again for your polite response, But there are no answers here. Not even an open mind among you. Is that concise, on subject, and to the point enough for you?

Seth says
Camillia, this item is to discuss Google's showing of the Arctic ice cap only.  If you have any information pertinant to that subject you are more than welcome to contribute it here.   However fastblogit is all about staying on topic ... and each group and item has it's particular topic.   I have just now created a new open group investigations that we can use to discuss things like MKULTRA and the Bohemian Grove.  The group is open which means that the password to post new items on that group is the same as the group name.  You should go through the door above and sign on to that group. 

thanks for cooperating.

MoPheau says
Apparently Camilla can't read or cooperate either! She(?) should probably spend more time with the Illumanati, Bilderburgers, CFR or maybe do some spying on the Skull & Bones.

camillia blossom says
I\\\'m sorry,...
Was that a comment, a question, or a statement about why Google is not showing the N. polar ICE CAP ?
or perhaps this is really the
\\\" shoot down any one with real questions Blog \\\"
Please refrain from insulting, the purpose of this site, and stay on subject.
That goes for Larry, Moe, Curley, and don\\\'t forget the fourth Steuge, Schemp.

The more true a idea is, the more opposition it gets.
thanks for assuring me im on the right track.
ask ask ask ask ask ask ask ask ask ask ask ask ask ass!

Mark de LA says
   Global Warming is a phenomena of media intent upon keeping reader/viewership in crisis mode.  Here is a recent article on the timeline of panic.

Seth says
Gentelmen, facts ... not hype is what is wanted here.    For example, here is a article which points to actual facts, measurements and recent images ...  note the texture of the writing ...
source: Arctic Watch from Real Climate
There are a number of places to go to get Arctic sea ice information. Cryosphere Today has good anomaly plots. The Naval Sea ice center has a few different algorithms (different ways of processing the data) that give some sense of the observational uncertainty, and the National Snow and Ice Data Center give monthly updates. All of them show pretty much the same thing.
... me thinks it is important to be able to tell the difference in texture between paranoia, muddling  and serious study.

camillia blossom says
there is more under heaven and earth than are dreamed of in YOUR science Seth. "serious study"
By disregarding all but your own form of research you risk the oppertunity to learn the truth.
It is that kind of arrogant, psudo-intilectualism that threw thousands of years of indigenous peoples wisdom and understanding of plant cures out the window.
Saying the reason is they are pagans, believers in spirits, and demons, therefore couldn't possibly know any thing about real medacin, (science) we are now trying to corect that error, and are collecting all the wealth of information and story's we can before there all forgotten, lost forever.

Aparently you think( 2+2 is not 4 ) unless you have a degree, or at least a diploma.
let me say it again ... little picture....BIG PICTURE.
narrow view...... BROADER VIEW. be, brave, be more open minded, be a real seeker of information not a psudo-seeker,and stop shutting people down for thinking differently than you.

Mark de LA says
source: ...
... me thinks it is important to be able to tell the difference in texture between paranoia, muddling  and serious study.

You left out the residue of those who are just playing the RWG & those who are smoking some strange kind of shit.

Seth says
camillia blossom 2007-11-06 18:24:42 7521
Your minds are NUMB, and your attempting to entertain your selves at my expense. Laugh it up, sleepy head.
your displaying the mentality of the masses who have been conditioned to, NOT ask any questions that might rock the boat.
Programed to accept the officially sanctioned press release.
Your just so terrified it might be real, so your cling to your ignorance, praying that it is not, and trying to shut any one up who is trying to, help you wake up to the truth.

Your dreaming... wake up!... please before it is too late.

Our govt has dumped 350 million pounds of depleted Uranium all over the middle east, the innocent baby's you see in the middle east, being born with horrible birth defects are the more recent results.
There are over "One Hundred Thousand American Vet's" of the thousand hour war, (desert shield) and (desert storm) who are permanently disabled because of it. Only a little over 600 are being publicly admitted to.
You make fun of me while, the government you blindly trust, commits chemical, biological war,and acts of domestic terrorism for money, money, money, in a criminal act, violating the the treaty signed after WW2/the Nuremburg treaty.
We, the U.S. is comiting genocide on a biblical proportion, and you pretend to care, about stupid crap to make your selves feel like your involved in the world.
Not one of you dull minded,government stooges has had the balls to address anything i have mentioned just call me names.... well RATS you can go down with the sinking ship of fools, I'm going to fight the sleep of in-differance to the bitter end and try to make a difference, if even one person who stumbles on to this site is instigated to at least look, and ask,and think for them selves, then i feel i have made a contribution to the solution. you on the other hand are part of the problem... apathy !
Camillia, this item is getting longer and longer but we are not getting any closer to any understding of the polar ice cap.  This item is not about you, or M, or me ... it is about the polar ice cap.  Please post your informative comments only on items to which they apply.  Otherwise i am going to starte just deleting them. 

John says
The ice caps are missing because the data google use is always out of date,so rather than provide wrong data, they omit it to avoid climate change lobbies on either side harass them. Simple really.

jamie atkinson says
see the sun

Seth says
jade atkinson 2008-11-12 11:01:54 7521
names of the caps of the earth
"North Pole" and "South Pole"

Seth says
This NYT article gives some background about Google Earth's new tracking of the Oceans, but it doesn't say whether they got the ice shelf plotted yet.  The going back in time to old images looks exciting.

Seth says
source: The Sightseer Newsletter form Google Earth

KML Feature - National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)

Repeat GlacierThe National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) based at the University of Colorado, Boulder uses a variety of scientific data sources to provide research results relating to climate change and other environmental factors where snow and ice are concerned. One of the methods of sharing these results is by using Google Earth to create a series of high quality KML files, meaning their data is no longer hidden away accessible to few. A recent NSIDC addition to our Google Earth Outreach Showcase provides an assessment of the relationship between melting glaciers and climate change. "Explore a KML providing a rich geospatial presentation illustrating the changes in glaciers over the years.


fdf says
Get a life ppl please talking bout nonsense..sci fi shit

leighann spencer says
it is very nit

Mark de LA says
Apparently some scientists are not backing up Algore's claims:
TimesOnline(UK): ...

In his speech, Mr Gore told the conference: “These figures are fresh. Some of the models suggest to Dr [Wieslav] Maslowski that there is a 75 per cent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during the summer months, could be completely ice-free within five to seven years.”

However, the climatologist whose work Mr Gore was relying upon dropped the former Vice-President in the water with an icy blast.

“It’s unclear to me how this figure was arrived at,” Dr Maslowski said. “I would never try to estimate likelihood at anything as exact as this.”

Mr Gore’s office later admitted that the 75 per cent figure was one used by Dr Maslowksi as a “ballpark figure” several years ago in a conversation with Mr Gore.

got any recent satellite pictures?

Tzio says
It is simple!!They melted but nothing of what they were telling us happened!!!did anyone bothered to know where all that water gone???They are ling just to scare us!!wake up!!!!!!!Climate change is fake!!

oil says
since the Wright brothers, there has been a no fly zone over the poles

Mark de LA says
Apparently the Arctic Ice is going back to normal, perhaps a bit too soon since the Democrat Party hasn't passed the cap & boondoggle bill yet!

chris says
hahaha you guys so funy
instead of thinking along with people to why the **** the poles are not accessible to public view, you start personally attacking people and showing your supposed emotions while doing so
grow up

Purtek says
I am in the search for camillia blossom, please if anyone has any information send me an email. For those of you who are criticising, watch "Wake Up Call". Be aware that one can light a small candle to illuminate a room of darkness, where as one cannot effect the light with darkness. One can only extinguish the source from which the light is derived from.


Fucking common sense says
You bunch of fucking morons the north pole is a block of ice not land it doesnt count as a fucking area because it hasnt got land under it. I could also prove that global warming isnt real but one of you fuck faces would steal it and claim to be smart. And about the whole satellite image thing if it is fucking melting then they would have to take a new one regularly and if they did show it what fucking directions would you get from it. "How to get to the North Pole?" GO FUCKING NORTH!!!!!!!!

whodoyousayyouare says
You speak like a communist. Be careful, you may end up in jail...

Bo says
I want to know more about camillia blossom too, please send me this persons email, or camillia you can email me at bodean2222@gmail.com ...this person has the real intent here to say the least,,,when I read your words, it had an impact.....
I am very interested in why the new photos are now showing ocean floor topography instead of ice, even if it is very thin the satelite imagery should show up as ice until it is completely melted.. Thank you

estaban says
Where are you Camilla...you are the worst speller in the world. The sad thing is that you probably talk like you spell. Another shinning example that our educational system is failing our citizens. That should be the new topic...how can we keep people like Camilla from posting total idiot conspiracy rants? The people who educated Camilla should have to give back a percentage of their salaries for the damage she will cause society!

illusionment says
^^ wow a topic on the north pole and all you guys do is go off about Camilla. Get a life and actually post something about the north pole instead of attacking curious people.

Mark de LA says
MR 2012-02-08 13:46:32 7521

Hmmm....... I didn't know that thought melted.

Realist says
I was really laughing hard when reading about this "hole in the earth" conspiracy.
Radiation rising from that hole to create Auroras?
What would create such radiation? Probably aliens who settled down in that "hole". Right.
Now if there is a hole, what happens to the water in our oceans? Oh right, there could be some energy field which the aliens.. or the citizens of Atlantis built.
Gotta love conspiracies. Really.

Mark de LA says
This item has obviously been spammed. Might clean it up or not.
FYI, new info on arctic ice:

Seth says
never 2013-12-24 06:19:48 7521

There are many such pictures ... the one reproduced by Google is a case in point. 

Smulan Meow says
I thought it was the global warm thing.. Phew

C says
My children and I were investigating the earth for a school project about two years ago, we looked at the South Pole and the North Pole among many other places, my son asked to google the North Pole again but the North Pole ice caps are not there now!! Why?

Seth says
C 2014-03-24 00:25:04 7521
My children and I were investigating the earth for a school project about two years ago, we looked at the South Pole and the North Pole among many other places, my son asked to google the North Pole again but the North Pole ice caps are not there now!! Why?
I think it is because Google maps shows oceans and land masses.  There is no land mass there at the North Pole and never has been ... so Google maps shows it as the ocean it is.  Google maps does not show ice on the ocean ... i don't believe it has been programed to do so.  But there are layers of Google Earth which do show the ice up  there.  I believe some of those maps have been posted above. 

MIKE says
why does google earth not show the northern ice cap? was my question
apart from the jueles vern and conan doyale fans. there is a lot of good answers as well as documentation

thank you

234 says
ACtualy not even the sea floor is on that google earth it is simple just streched and drag 3d point to center who a little try 3d programs will see and tell that is totaly and badly done by google it whas north pole couple years before on google maps. But if thay for some reason delete north pole than how many % of the earth map is real you see a lot of smoothed area and gliched parts on the map. I getin believe that even africa minimization in history is true too , to not even go to moon or mars fake crap we get. with today computers and 3d software it is no problem to fake the entire planet, render and generate maps of whatever wish and than mix with couple real map part and you have totaly belivable fake trash.

Eiamyme says
Then too the boondoggie is just continuing:
Earth's sea ice expands to record high... 

SHOCK STUDY: Carbon dioxide emissions help rainforests GROW FASTER...

Then too the Pope seems to be caught between God & himself ruling the world & what happens to it & humans being responsible for the global warming which is not happening:

From the December 29, 2014 03:33:04 GMT edition of the Drudge Report.

Steve says
I blame the Mandela effect.

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