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This solution looks like it came from the naive side of Bush's brain.  At least they are talking.  Look at Google Map & you will see that Azerbaijan is next to Iran & within full view of Putin's Russia.  Russia & Iran seem to be friends.  Look how far away Israel is .  Imagine trying to shoot down a missile that is coming at Israel from Syria or Iraq all the way Azerbaijan - lots of luck.  If one was coming from Iran you would have to chase it's tail long after it is revved up. I have yet to understand why Putin is afraid of a missile shield against rogue terrorists unless he is one.


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Seth says
Well placing the defensive shield in central Asia rather than in eastern Europe makes more sense to me.  That places it coloser to where the missels are likely to come from.   To understand Putin's concerns more you may want to read the following interview especially this part ...
source: Putin
But if we disarm unilaterally then we would like to see our partners be willing to do the same thing in Europe. On the contrary, Europe is being pumped full of new weapons systems. And of course we cannot help but be concerned.

What should we do in these circumstances? Of course we have declared a moratorium.

This applies to the missile defence system. But not just the missile defence system itself. Since if this missile system is put in place, it will work automatically with the entire nuclear capability of the United States. It will be an integral part of the U.S. nuclear capability.

I draw your attention and that of your readers to the fact that, for the first time in history -- and I want to emphasize this -- there are elements of the U.S. nuclear capability on the European continent. It simply changes the whole configuration of international security. That is the second thing.

Finally, thirdly, how do they justify this? By the need to defend themselves against Iranian missiles. But there are no such missiles. Iran has no missiles with a range of 5,000 to 8,000 kilometres. In other words, we are being told that this missile defence system is there to defend against something that doesn

Mark de LA says
Iran will & has threatened Israel, Europe & last the US & will probably attack in that order; given that the US at least will fight back.  Russia is in an extreme position by having to defend not defending oneself.
I think Putin is getting tweaked by Iran. What's in the interview & article is for public consumption in his own country. He needs the juice to keep old Soviets in power.  The time to build a missile defense is before, not after you get hit with one.

Mark de LA says
We'll see.  I didn't see anything good in the article except that negotiations seem to be happening. As a matter of fact my main complaint about chasing the tail of a missile on it's way to Europe or Israel was mentioned.  It also seems like most of the site will be under tacit control of Russia. 

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says

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