Priorities ! (For you people who think government can fix everything)


Mark de LA says
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seth 2007-06-25 13:02:28 7724
Governments fix things that small groups of individuals cannot. 
More often than not government fucks things up more than they fix anything & at a higher cost than individuals could do by themselves!

I'll acknowledge that there is a lot of truth in that sentence.  You should acknowledge that there are problems that we need governments to fix.  Then we could start getting to the when, where, and how of fixing things.  Otherwise we are looping in a binary flip flop.
Government is good at waging war (winning is screwed up by politicians).  What would be better is for you, Seth, to tell me of something that the government does better than private enterprise!  I list government's blatant failures as education, energy, medicare, social security (retirement), building things, farming, protecting borders, immigration, lawmaking (sanity thereof), avoiding corruption, judicial system, congress etc....

Mark de LA says
... & I forgot the most colossal failure of governments at all levels - budgeting & staying within a budget.